How can I make it so that.

Eddins: Hendry: selects only children, not descendants

Wojtanik: Eddins: ah ok. but how do i control the size of the numeric number value so that it’s only width of 4 digits or so ?

Eddins: Hendry: maybe?


Venth: OH CRAP ITS P***WORD protected

Salek: Type in sharkp*** is admin lol

Eddins: ContentShark: nothing at that URL


Langhans: Eddins: and how can i make the form just generally larger as if I zoomed on it? body font-size doesn’t seem to do the trick

Cutaia: Eddins: thanks for showing me flex-grow: 0 btw

Eddins: ContentShark: please remove the login

Eddins: Hendry: not sure what you mean?

Henion: Eddins: i want the form to be much larger on the screen

Twohatchet: Eddins: like this size

Eddins: Hendry: as in, you want the fields to be taller/wider/have bigger font-size?

Barrer: User2 p***2 to get in i cant remove it becasue that took alot of work to get it to work

Keay: Eddins: form elements don’t seem to obey body { font-size: 4em; } for e.g.

Kulkarni: How can I add a kg and cm at the end of the input easily?

Keehne: And also can I make the two text inputs have some space between them?

Rossingnol: Hi. I’ve got 2 inline-block divs; “fixed” width: 100px; float:left; and “fluid” min-width: 100px. I want “fluid” to be pushed below “fixed” if the parent width is smaller than 200px. Otherwise they should sit side-by-side

Cattaneo: The problem I’m having is that “fluid” is pushed down if it has a wide paragraph

Hardman: How do I make sure that it doesn’t get pushed down for any reason except that the parent is too small to fit it’s min-width

Lele: Sample code :

Bergland: I’ve yet to find a solution that wouldn’t involve fixing the width of ‘fluid’

Wackerly: Do I have to resort to mediaqueries?

Eddins: SuperMint: something like this?

Pam: SuperMint, why can’t you float the fixed one?

Meggers: Eddins: Awesome. Thanks

Koenen: Hi guys… I’m running a grid system and need these white headings to be the same height. On mobile, they need to present articles in order. Outside of JS, any ideas on how to keep the white headings the same height?

Surette: If I do my headings in one row, then it breaks on mobile

Quintal: This is how its supposed to end up behaving: — which I can get, like I said, but not without breaking the order of the markup on the page

Ficke: Hi im trying to implement a black bar at the top of a site, but not having much success as its binding to the menu

Alexzander: How do i detach it from the menu

Munday: And have a independent black bar at the top

Reekers: Wikiwannabe: doesn’t load.

Reekers: Heh, 392 oz of gold in one of my fireproof safes. heh

Reekers: Hadn’t counted that one in like 8 months

Reekers: Looks like about 435K in one box.

Eddins: Xeno: make the titles all identical text

Eddins: Xeno: you’ll need to provide a URL if you need help with that one

Sowerby: What’s the easiest way to animate bunch of divs that are in a row to the same point on a screen?

Strickler: Pile of cards stack of cards

Tarvin: I’m trying to make my website to be ‘one page’ basically where you scroll down

Klocek: How can I make it so that one section takes up one ‘visible’ page