You’re asking very separate.

Craner: How would you detect users who manipulate photo ratings by creating fake accounts?

Nanton: Interesting.can you explain?

Delmoro: Higuys, well generally speaking I would compare the accounts that rated the photos. If certain behavior is detected, like account create on the same day in large numbers, that would be a first clue.

Delmoro: I would also compare IP addresses to the usernames who voted as well. If there are lots of different usernames attributed to the same IP address, it would be a good hint.

Bassage: And how would you prevent this from happening?

Montgonery: What sort of measures would you take?

Eliades: Account activation via email link

Frever: So they have to have a real email account

Gibble: They can create new emails.

Mccarrel: And how long do you think they can keep it up?

Liu: Deterrence is key, if you’re thinking of 100% defence, you’re wasting your time

Meech: Depends on how determines they are.they probably have a script to automate email registrations.

Dahline: Of course not 100% but maybe 99% accuracy

Manford: And you won’t get a truly determined person. The gmail or hotmail or yahoo mail people can probably block these m***ive email registrations better than you can block user registrations

Vintimilla: Let me tell you this, can’t truly block it either. So not the best place to be spending your efforts. You can always making ratings harder to do, eg. only buyers or paid accounts can do so, but you might gimp your rating system that way

Delmoro: Brandis is correct. You can only spend so much time on it. You could log the IP addresses to each account, and prevent new account registration under that ip address. IIRC there are plugins for that. Then again, it’s not really a problem for me cause all the multisites I run require a credit card to be used. :

Feuss: When you make it harder for people to rate, people simply don’t rate

Carlston: So whats the point of a highly secured installation where no one uses?

Kagel: When creating pages, is it possible to filter the “list of post” option for a specific category?

Bukhari: As my function.php will be big, can I split it and call the second part from another .php file?

Yodis: Pikel you want to query per category?

Mccumiskey: Pikel: Don’t create an actual page, just put a menu item that points to the category archive

Annabel: Go to Appearance – Menus and play around

Balado: Yielding: Yes and you should

Erbe: For a specific page yes.

Oropeza: Pikel – Yes, there are many ways to display your content tagged only by a certain category after the fact. Many plugins support this.

Starnold: No need for a plugin, just use the menu

Woolums: I did that, but it lists too many, so I was trying to move it to a page.

Heimbach: I don’t want 85 posts in a menu

Faigle: Across 50 or so categories

Bundette: Just the category title itself

Hauze: Eg. you have 85 posts tagged to News

Petitt: Brandis, so I use require_once?

Kaczmarczyk: Just put news in the menu

Vandevender: Be more specific with what you want

Diem: So if you go to the News Archive page, how many posts do you see?

Siever: All 85? If so you have a theme that doesn’t paginate and that’s really bad lol

Josephpauline: Brandis: I want to add woocommerce functions. but I don’t want to mix all in functions.php

Stokley: Brandis: just to organize things.

Kilcullen: I don’t see a question

Gradwohl: So inside my theme functions.php I would require_once like woofunct.php correct?

Topps: No need to enqueue scripts and so?

Faber: You’re asking very separate things.?