Your host might have.

Dellapenta: No worries ill jsut wait. still useable

Varone: Makes me wonder why it’s every time for you Caspan and not every time for kegster

Fuertes: The great thing about open source community is if someone does spot it, people can fix it pretty quickly.

Musolino: Yeah i cannot be the only one. i always run chrom in incognito mode

Sumabat: Helps wth dev stuff not being cached

Wigdor: Stil not having the issue anymore

Snith: Yeah, I’m not having the issue in incognito with Google Chrome. Makes me wonder if there may be a plugin conflict.

Jerone: If it’s hit or miss, makes me wonder

Geil: Khu vanilla isnt 199 a month

Geil: Thats if they host it

Bedlion: The issue with google chrome and wp-admin menus is solved by disabling slamming paint in google chrome

Jabbie: Opsec: Google result for disable slamming paint google chrome –

Bedlion: Chrome issue:

Mages: Fris – yes I know. But, does their “What You Get” section mean that you don’t get their API access, or it just needs to be better communicated?

Rolff: I’m trying to setup bbPress with my WordPress installation. When testing new user registration, it sends an email to the email address provided but does not provide a p***word. Instead it says “To set your p***word, visit the following address:” and then sends them to the wp-login.php

Boitnott: Once at wp-login.php, they do not have a chance to set the p***word. It asks for p***word like a typical login but it obviously does not work because technically that haven’t been ***igned or created one yet. Any ideas?

Rajala: Send them a one-time use p***word.

Chauncey: It doesn’t do that. It doesn’t include any p***word in the email. I thought it used to automatically generate a temporary p***word that they can change. Or if you followed the link it allowed them to create their own.

Geil: Did you try going to default theme and doing it, maybe a plugin or your theme is using a hook that is messing with the process

Jurez: I did not. On a live site without a local installation to test, I was hoping to not have to do that

Berl: What’s the correct hook to plug custom functions into functions.php?

Geil: Lenswipee what do you mean?

Crusoe: Fris: umm.nevermind.i wasn’t thinking straight. thanks though.

Loveman: Can alt img attribute be localized?

Witters: Sure, just use printf / sprint f with __

Geil: Remember you are gonna have to have a translation string for every single image then ;p

Aboud: Only important images need alt attributes anyway

Traywick: My website doesn’t have much images 😀

Rodenburg: Do you usually use title for img?

Carraturo: So is PHP used to read information from the database?

Herlong: Http://

Mooradian: Http://

Jerone: Appreciate it, you’re the man

Sookoo: Custom permalinks are making my pages go 404

Malak: Custom permalinks like?

Hammer: Brandis: “/posts/%postname%/”

Woolsey: No I mean what is your setting in Settings-Permalinks

Lawerence: And you put /posts/%postname%/ ?

Colasante: Cause it doesn’t understand what is /posts/

Brazille: That permalink setting applies site wide, to any post types

Peral: Ok when I select “post name” or “numeric” options

Vanderkam: I still have 404 error

Kazunas: Ah sorry I’m getting your issue wrong

Difrancisco: All pages and posts go to 404

Bonillo: Your host might have mod-rewrite off or your htaccess isn’t setup properly