You have a typo in the.

Rodabaugh: Hey, I have the following problem: I am trying to build a website using wordpress with different versions for other languages, using multisite

Oriol: So i created a second web site using multisite, and that didnt really work

Cobos: Limonade, have you mapped it properly?

Heisler: I can connect to the second page via, but i cant access uploaded content

Orrico: Ehm i mean i can connect to the admin panel at

Kernagis: Limonade, you’ve uploaded content to directory, which is not accessible by you site

Nowaczyk: Try uploading via site

Chenail: And the content which you’ve probably uploaded via ftp, just move to the folder of the id of your site.

Atterson: I can also access uploaded media

Mcgoon: In multisite wp-content/uploads where is your uploaded content at?

Tizon: Like

Gecan: If it is in the right multisite directory, then it should be viewable unless there is some permission problem

Mcglockton: If 3 is the site you are trying to view the files at and files are there then its probably permission problem. Else your files aren’t there.

Drehmer: Where would a site that I created via the admin panel be in the file system?

Crumwell: Is it correct, that a multiste installation with domain mapping has urls in the form https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/sites/id/file? i’m reading about nginx configurations and they always redirect from the blogs.dir. this seems outdated, do one need new directives for the format described above?

Crumwell: Limonade: it has ne separate file system, it the same as the original site

Kody: Limonade, in the database basically. But the upload media is in filesystem.

Heisler: Site is logical not physical unit 😀

Viengxay: Lets put it that way 😀

Revello: Even though everything is logical units on internetz 😀

Crumwell: Shouldnt it be urls like https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/file?

Reul: So why does trying to access a page give me a 404? I followed the instructions on the installation page and updated the wp-config and .htaccess files.

Pettit: Crumwell, no it should be https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/file is single site, https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/site_id/file

Crumwell: Limonade: nginx or apache?

Mccluney: I dont have a server; its a hosted package

Brodell: Http://

Casimiro: I am trying to create atm

Crumwell: Juslintek: sure about https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/site_id/file ? at me, its https://domain.tld/wp-content/uploads/sites/id/file

Crumwell: Should it be a multisite?

Kornrumpf: Limonade, you have to map subdomain to new site.

Crumwell: Do you have another multisite running or is this the first one?

Crawn: What do you mean with that?

Loder: Https://

Crumwell: Do you created the installation using subdomains or subdirectories?

Crumwell: Did you followed

Rower: Limonade, just do it like that: wait a bit 😀

Bignall: Wait for what? The subdomain is already active

Wiedrich: My Sites – Network Admin – Sites – select sites url you want to edit.

Greb: But I dont want to edit them.

Vasconcellos: Limonade, you want wordpress to be displayed at

Formaggioni: I already set the subdomain at creation; and its working to some extend – I can upload and access media and the admin panel

Kosters: Limonade, but its not showing homepage and such

Crumwell: You have a typo in the address: