You don’t need to.

Bareis: My brain is turning to mush in here . back to my projects

Modero: Wp question later as now emporio is helping me let me discuss with him first; sorry for delay opsec

Jamel: Stay avay from Verka Serduchka

Knopf: He inglisch nicht verstehn

Chilinskas: Did you fix your internet finally Bullin lol

Barash: Strangley my style css wouldn’t load in parts

Waterfall: So i had to put certain elements in header file

Vetterick: I’m sure it’s not standard, but I did it and it worked

Barsuhn: Hey gang, I have WP in a subfolder, I have the SITEURL / HOME updated with the subdir in the URL, but the menu is still spitting out URLs withOUT the subdir in it, halp

Negus: But the cl***es wouldn’t load from the css file

Lokan: Tebbo: because you did something and it “worked” does not mean it’s correct or you did it correctly.

Lokan: Tebbo: the fact is, what you’re saying makes no sense.

Kleve: Anyone know if it’s possible to add a top level item in the admin menu that is not clickable?

Lokan: Tebbo: if you’re asking for help to fix it, paste what you have somewhere, if not, it’s all irrelevant.

Lokan: Add a custom menu link, and use # as the destination

Vore: Organizing two cpt’s under one item 😛

Rayson: Client went from saying “This is basically the same as the blog page” to “we want two different types of news releases” 😛

Ricaud: That can’t be a taxonomy for whatever reason

Vogeler: wordpress-toolbar">Http:// has an example of top level

Ingham: Fris: dashboard menu, not the toolbar

Dubberly: But thanks, that’s also good to know

Sirko: Is a seo plugin good for every site?

Swezey: Is a SEO plugin recommended for every website?

Lokan: Halcom is recommended for “every site”

Lokan: Lok: if you have a wordpress question, feel free to ask here. whatever you pm’d me went into a blackhole.

Vogeler: Opsec see the email about adding mls integration into toolser

Lokan: Fris: no, but i just installed both realestate starters

Joerg: Opsec: okay… how about for a generic website, with a few pages, blog, events calendar and stuff? should i install a seo plugin?

Goldberger: I would like to know whether wordpress, joomla or drupal which one is better to start a webshop?

Vogeler: Luist you are gonna have to do some seo one way or another, with the proper schema markup, etc you can either use a plugin, or have your theme have the correct structure

Lokan: Luist: i doubt it. “seo” is very simple in concept. 1. write/create great content people want. 2. organize it well. 3. don’t cheat.

Lokan: Also, no search engine to date has released any of their search algorithms

Lokan: So anyone “guaranteeing” anything in that regard is full of a load of bollocks.

Lokan: The common sense things can’t be ignored though. the purpose of the site/do***ent is to relay information, content or facilitate something. if you make that easy and attractive for users, you’ll be rewarded.

Lokan: Some seo plugins help with that, others cause more of a problem

Kissee: Lok: Whichever you are more comfortable with also don’t rule out Magento, osCommerce and so on if it’s just a store you are looking to make

Rudin: I am new so i ll be comfortable whichever i ll start with

Shukert: I dont have anyone’s background knowledge

Lokan: Lok: go install drupal, wordpress, joomla, magento, oscommerce and look at them all.

Lokan: That’s part of what a developer does.

Lokan: There’s many roads that lead to the great path.

Wasyliszyn: Dont have that much time/capacity to underestand each of them

Lokan: You don’t need to “understand” them all.