Yep, confirmed in the same.

Rowden: ONly to specific categories it appears.

Buvinghausen: Budd: because forums isnt technically a DB object/ page. its an archives page

Shear: Budd: just create a new custom link and put the path in it

Curtin: Budd: Check the “screen options” at the top to see if there is a BB menu when you’re on appearance – menu. Otherwise, use a custom link.

Apadoca: Plzhelpim*****ed: sorry that was for Pennth

Compeau: Thus, I decided to cheat, and changed the values in wp-includes/media.php. Voila, 24M declared max. But any uploads over 8mb generate a 403 in the logs and an “HTTP error” in the WP UI. Also, I have root.

Curtin: Fockler: that was a very bad thing to do.

Curtin: And it doesn’t work. :-

Schlipf: I guess cheating doesn’t work :

Koppelman: Curtin, I know, I was desperate, and testing. And I left the good values in comments :

Curtin: If editing php.ini in your docroot doesn’t work, you need to contact your host.

Duett: No shared hosting. But it’s a multisite multinetwork installation.

Curtin: Oh, NOW you mention that.

Curtin: That’s sort of an important thing.

Curtin: Fockler: NEVER EDIT CORE

Eleazer: I was getting to it :

Curtin: While wasting everyone’s time up to that point.

Sipos: Curtin: thanks for the suggestions, I will have to create a custom one

Risi: Fockler: its really kind of silly to leave out important info like that until the last possible breath

Eron: Ok, multisite multinetwork installation, can’t change upload size above 8mb even though I have 32 set in global php.ini

Trichell: OK, I just disabled every single plugin on the site except woocommerce and it still is showing me a permissions error

Curtin: Opsec: just got back from TJs. They stil have no idea when the grahams will be back on the shelves.

Anidi: Curtin: they’re too busy burying bodies.

Schlipf: Plzhelpim*****ed, have you checked your file permissions?

Mangram: I haven’t chmodded anything so they should all be stock.

Schlipf: You didn’t answer the question really, and wordpress has just been digging around inside your webroot, and you’re getting permission issues

Schlipf: So ya think it might be wise to double check? ;-

Ronnie: I don’t really know that much about permissions to begin with

Dregrich: Core media.php is back to stet, and the UI shows 8mb again, even though php.ini in docroot and .htaccess in docroot both allow 24mb and httpd is set to allowoverride all

Schlipf: Is it a shared hosting setup, or a vps, dedicated server or what?

Willia: Its on a vps. there are other wp stores on the server that aren’t having this issue

Schlipf: And do you have root access to it?

Curtin: Fockler: did you restart httpd after changing php.ini?

Zam: Of course. and the server-wide php.ini never changed; it’s still at 32m. It’s only wordpress that’s limited to 8mb.

Lerner: I’ve tried disabling all plugins, no change.

Ngueyn: Fockler: did you verify that with a phpinfo ?

Neece: Butch, in another directory, yes

Koosman: If I change themes real quick to see if it has anything to do with a custom function, will the menu options and what not be retained when I switch it back?

Brodka: GUys, As I told you already, I used Check Mail plugin and it successfully sent the test mail to my gmail. But the contact form is not working neither any other form is workin.

Barranger: Plzhelpim*****ed: you should always switchj to a default theme when debugging

Tedrow: Brodka: I have asked you TWICE now. I am wearing thin with your copy/paste question you keep posting

Kalawe: OK just confirmed– it’s definitely theme related

Mcgraw: Yep, confirmed in the same directory as wordpress docroot: upload_max_filesize 32M 32M