Yeah, then you get the.

Lokan: Little do they know “seo” means: 1. write/create great content people want. 2. organise it well. 3. don’t cheat ;

Lokan: I gave up with one place because they have unrealistic goals of insta-proft

Lokan: They’ve now been through 4 “seo” people

Lokan: And they went back to how i had it.

Lokan: I maintained full control while people fussed and mussed about, changing what the last person had to some other wild idea

Gieseking: Oh yeah, seen all that before – “We’ll just get loads of folk in india to go out and spam blocks with links. ? profit!”

Lokan: Providing them with confusing/obfuscated “reports” and graphs

Lokan: They paid one company $5k for a “synopsis” of their niche

Lokan: It was like 100 pages long, looked like someone spent the day photocopying all sorts of nifty figures

Lokan: Probably lotto numbers mixed with dungeons and dragons lore.

Lokan: 95% of “seo” people have a single bottle they dip from, called “snake oil”

Lokan: All that said, there’s a few good 301 redirect manager plugins

Lokan: I’d personally just construct the site in a logical, human readable way, then install something that tells you the actual 404’s that are being hit and redirect each one as appropriate

Qin: Am I crazy or does wordpress no longer add id=’jquery’ to the jquery script anymore, and I can no-longer remove it from my template?

Lokan: The first few days would be the worst of it, then it’s just a few straggling links a day until the legitimate 404’s stop trickling in

Gilding: I am using wordpress 4.2

Seebach: Im pretty salty right now from how stupid this is

Decenzo: This bull**** wp_dequeue_script ‘jquery’ ;

Miu: Alexjl: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.


Trabold: Https://

Kendrix: I am going to fine wordpress for wasting my time.

Lokan: Blaming wordpress is like blaming a rock. or the air, or the internet.

Arbuthnot: Hey all, I’m using this Dynamic Featured Image plugin but I don’t think that’s the source of my issue since others are using it well. I have the following block of code but it seems to duplicate my image path for some reason and it breaks the images for instance it will put

Mansi: Any help would be amazing, I cannot figure this out

Save: So I’m just setting up a dev site on my local machine. I have just finished extracting wordpress to it’s own directory under /var/www/website and need to visit the front end to complete the installation. I go to my localhost and it’s just the apache server page! Whats my next step to be able to access wordpress? Some kinda apache configuration?

Lokan: Midoshi27: yep, #httpd

Brott: Midoshi27:

Manasse: You know when you’re not spending time debugging someone’s plugin on plugin on plugin mess, WordPress is a really pretty piece of software

Sherrer: I hear that Kamuela ;

Retzloff: There’s gotta be some kind of protected mode or something

Guardipee: What is the currently best slider plugin. I know I can google, but that will not bring the testing experience of a good slider, so I ask here.

Gabehart: Where you have to mess with things deep within wordpress to break access to it in its specified patterns

Dilbert: Basically you have to make it _not_ wordpress

Mays: Kamuela, you can do that, basically lock down the admin side.

Lokan: Lagory: no such thing.

Carmin: LatoSans: unfortunately that can’t be done before I have to fix it :

Fonteboa: Yeah, then you get the constant pestering from the mess creators asking, “Why can’t I do _______?” lol