Yeah, I always disable.

Fabbri: Woocommerce-nub: that was just a pic of someone holding an iphone.

Bahr: Bu***and: i’ve never met a boy Lindsay. Seen stranger “girl” names for boys though.

Orabuena: Which I added wayyyyyy back when the very first iphone came out. wasn’t me though.

Levis: Bahr, I descibed my requirement above: to create a download from a plugin

Camak: Bu***and, told me that the best would be to do it from within the plugin instead of using some external script

Bonsal: So that’s the way to do so: using a template redirect

Dillinger: Micw: yea. theres no reason to run your function outside of WP

Greenler: Yes, you’re right. thank you

Bahr: Well i wouldn’t have guessed/remembered that off top

Bahr: Probably bc you’re a girl Lindsay. Maybe you’d know other Lindsays who are guys?

Palisbo: Also to be clear. this nick was named after my computer. not me. haha. whuch is why people get confused when they go to the Bu*** website

Dingess: Also US senator Lindsey Graham

Bahr: Bu***and: again, you’re a Lindsay. you prob would know guy lindsay’s easier than most common folk

Filipovich: 01:24:06 PM aelevadoan: Filipovich: can I use openstreetmaps instead of google maps?

Bahr: I bet a very low percentage of folks in here, without google, could name male lindsays heh

Thornborough: Bahr: no. just I just am a fleetwood mac fan.

Filipovich: Aelevadoan: you’d have to check with the plugin author about that. post a question on their page on

Vancuren: I am very much aware of who Lindsey Buckinham is.

Sibbald: I made this discussion nick WAYYYY back in the day before I even knew what I was doing. I was naming it based off of the computer I was using at the time because i thought discussion nicks were tied to the computer and not portable

Bahr: Bu***and: well yeah but off the top of my head i didn’t remember lindsay b heh

Bolt: Again. before i knew anything about anything. So I just kept it

Bahr: Well the “Mac” part of your nick has been undiscussed really. i was just talking about Lindsay bc the person who put you on blast got the gender wrong

Arato: I kept the nick because people recognize me from it

Bahr: And i’m like way to write a dumb, anonymous, inaccurate review haha

Bahr: Then you said who said ur a girl? and i got confused ike wow shes a dude!

Cimmiyotti: Filipovich: will tell you. we’ve had this chat before/

Bahr: Will tell me what? u keeping ur nick? or the guy/girl thing?

Rockmore: Hi folks, i’m experiencing something odd on one of my sites. i’ve got wordfence installed and it’s continually sending me notifications high frequency that someone is trying to access the dashboard using the non-existent ‘admin’ user via a variety of different hostnames. any suggestions as to how i can stop this?

Filipovich: Bahr: Bu***and is a 37 year old, heavyset truckdriver from Harrison, NJ — looks like a slightly taller Danny DeVito.

Bahr: I originally just was commenting that her hate page said she was a boy— then she said who said i’m a girl? and that was me.

Filipovich: RabSimpson: uncheck the box to send you an email every time that happens and set the lockout period for something like 2 hours. You really don’t need to be notified when WF is working as expected.

Bahr: Why harrison Filipovich ?

Filipovich: When I was a kid, thee was a store called “Two Guys from Harrison”, so it tied back to the “guys” comment. Two birds; one stone.

Mahin: Filipovich: the issue seems to be down to the constant changing of hostnames. i don’t mind the emails.

Bahr: Filipovich: efficient!

Filipovich: RabSimpson: if I got notification every time someone tried to login as “admin” on my 50+ sites, I’d do Kahahane all day but delete mail. You don’t need to be notified about it.

Samperi: Yeah, I always disable those notifications, otherwise my inbox would be overflowing with them. There are bot nets constantly attacking various websites I manage. Limit sign in attempts, block repeat offenders, etc.