WorldsEndless: hmm. thats.

Geil: Emporio look into adding upload field

Goans: Is there a WP ****ytics plugin google ****ytics where I only have to use my UA code without verifying anything to see stats?

Geil: Emporio wordpress-3-5-new-media-uploader-for-your-plugin-and-theme-options-panel-development/">

Geil: wordpress-media-uploader-in-theme-and-plugin-options–wp-26052">Http://–wp-26052 this is also good

Benusa: If i wanna make a custom category.php

Viener: Is it the same as page.php

Cicale: Fris: ehh didnt know about slug.just made that category-myslug.php and worked :

Roten: If i want to create folder and place my category-customslugs.php will wordpress know that they arethere?

Aupperle: I’m not sure if it’s in yet or not, but there’s plans to support one folder deep recursion

Kopischke: If not, you can always make a category.php and in it pull in get_template_part ‘myfolder/$slug’ ;

Auckley: Ollivierre: id need conditionals

Ireson: Ollivierre: get_template_part ‘custom-categories/even’ ;

Reynoza: And the folder is custom-categories

Korol: Https://

Stollsteimer: Best way to modify the size of the widget editing area in the admin?

Luckhardt: Basically this

Obermoeller: Is it necessary to use “FS_DIRECT” and chmod on plugins directory to install plugins without ftp access?

Luken: How come i cannot install plugins then? it asks for ftp access.

Akkerman: This is with nginx, i dont hav ethe same problem with apache. why i dont know

Kroener: Oops. I set up a multinetwork site on one URL, and then changed it to the permanent one in the network path. Now I can’t get to any of the admin pages.

Archuletta: Anybody experience an issue where the links in the admin panel sidebar load all messed up, and overlap eachother kinda?

Archuletta: And i have to do a hard refresh for them to get normal

Rieland: Using woocommerce and visual composer, how would i add a small product purchase form on a page, inside a visual composer row? I need a couple of text boxes and a “buy now” link

Archuletta: Ah, found it: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">

Liberty: How can I programmatically create “text” widgets offering a default for users of my theme?

Pedlar: WorldsEndless: theres a “default widgets” option for when you register new sidebars

Wortham: LindsayM_: What can I do with it?

Oliphant: Set widgets automatically to exist in a sidebar only default widgets, text is one of them

Mcfaul: LindsayM_: Sounds good, but I’m not seeing it mentioned here Where can I learn more?

Althouse: WorldsEndless: this is multisite code but you can easily work it for single site

Burtner: WorldsEndless: here is a better explaination

Coffee: WorldsEndless: basically you are just populating the settings that would NORMALLY be populated if you dragged the widget there, but you’re doing it with code

Shadiack: LindsayM_: Ooh! That stackexchange link is what I’ve been looking for for some time. Nice!

Boughamer: So, related question now that I know how to ***ign widgets: can I create a pre-filled “text” widget programmatically i.e. not a new type of widget?

Higson: I’ve ran into an issue where creating new posts, is creating them with an id of 0, and I can’t edit posts, or add new users. When adding a new user it adds everything as blank.

Karmo: WorldsEndless: hmm. thats a little harder. Each time you add a new widget to the DB you create a new instance of the same widget. You will have to fill the text widget AFTER you add it to the DB because it wont have its instance ID until after then