WorldsEndless: are you.

Yanity: Darkdrgn2k: no. you misunderstand. WHY is that a problem

Butera: Yah this theme doesnt seem to have that option

Rabeneck: Hussey: because the content currently shows twice, once at the TOP of the page before headers etc and where it should be.

Pozzobon: Hussey: only on the production wordpress

Searcey: Darkdrgn2k: you are not very good at explaining things

Hastedt: Darkdrgn2k: this will be fixed once you switch to shortcodes.

Humble: Darkdrgn2k: why does it have to be inside of a file intead of a function.

Galven: Hussey: im swiching as we speak :

Agoff: Hussey: the page is rendering the content twice because he’s trying to use ob to halt rendering of the part, then put it in a different location

Majer: Hussey: you mean a function that returns the content?

Brodey: Hussey: which is a real crap way of doing it as the output buffer’s behavior can vary between servers based on config

Reth: Ohlinger: id’ much rather just include the file where it should be instead of this but.

Brotherton: Ohlinger: i dont care about that. I wanted to know why he felt he MUST have his code in its own file instead of a function

Giberson: Darkdrgn2k: if you’re rather do it the hacky gross way, we can’t help you

Brunow: Hussey: it’s better for organization. Anyway, he should be using a shortcode, period

Sklar: Ohlinger: i AM swithcing ot short code already

Wilkoff: Hussey: its basic PHP :-S ugh.

Decarlo: Not trying to bust your nuggest, just trying to close the issue

Kjeldgaard: Ohlinger: lol you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Talcott: Sorry that was darkdrgn2k

Hanz: Darkdrgn2k: includes are BASIC PHP. using them everywhere is bad programming.

Kashner: Hussey: keeping a file enclosed that can be used in places OTHER then wordpress is not bad probramming

Eroman: Darkdrgn2k: what you can do is break the shortcode registration functions into its own file and then just include that in your functions.php if you’re worried about organization

Gertel: Or break it off into a plugin, either way

Wescovich: Ohlinger: the issue is that my file is not a bunch of $bla .= “table.”; return $bla

Gosling: You can still use the ob

Kupchinsky: But using shortcodes will remove the possible error that includes can introduce if you’re using the ob

Cox: Basically you capture the ob, save it to a var, then return that var

Harnisch: Ok : well thats what im workign on thanks

Polee: Not yet . i thinl i got it

Jencks: Darkdrgn2k: well here you go anyway

Gauntt: And shortcodes are or

Mannie: A big problem I have with shortcodes is that they don’t let you use straight HTML and you have to return a string or whatever, but this is a way around it. And shortcodes will never render until they are called, unlike your include which I think was rendering twice on the page due to the server’s ob config

Billinghurst: I’m trying to un***ign widgets from an area in my theme, but don’t seem to be using the right searchwords for the engines. I just want to make it so Widget A is NOT appearing in Footer 1. How can I do this?

Licausi: WorldsEndless: under appearance-widgets there’s not a separate area for footer 1?

Kaup: I need to do it programmatically

Petropoulos: From my theme functions.php

Minarik: By default this theme seems to have five unwanted widgets ***igned to Footer #1. I need to get rid of those, and maybe replace them with something else by default

Gaby: WorldsEndless: and why cant you just remove them/ drag them out

Bertsch: Hussey: I’d have to do that on every page that ever uses this theme

Kerper: WorldsEndless: every PAGE or every SITE?

Schmauder: WorldsEndless: are you sure you know what yo’re asking for. I dont think a theme can actually put a widget inside of a sidebar just on theme activation