Who help me with this.

Jeng: Grep your theme’s files, CMFDesign

Mansmith: Jeng: Now you’ve lost me

Serdula: Daslicht you have to write the code for everything to happen, its like your own little application in the backend

Longhofer: Great, good luck, back to work

Batalla: Jeng: I am using a wordpress hosting company, so I am not even sure how I’d search the files. I connect to FTP with FileZilla

Jeng: In http://gymn2016.apps-1and1.net/participatetest/signup/reset.css, remove the line “-webkit-appearance: none;”

Jacoby: Jeng: where do i remove that? style.csss?

Jeng: CMFDesign: what’s the URL of your site? point me to what you want to change?

Jeng: Rontill: I’m not sure.

Jeng: Rontill: it’s part of a reset. I’m looking for an override

Shuker: Jeng: http://unit1fitness.mystagingwebsite.com – IF you scroll down to the section of the woman with the smoothie, there is some FA icons, I want to change them to different icons.

Poling: Jeng: I can right click and change them with the inspector, just changing the icon names but can’t find where I’d do that to make change permanent.

Barkus: CMFDesign: Show Current Template – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/show-current-template/

Jeng: CMFDesign: install that. It will tell you which tempates is in use on that page.

Roddam: Jeng: It will tell me on inspector?

Linberg: Jeng: Cool, thank you. In the meantime, can I PM you a big issue I am having and have no idea how to resolve? Its the last thing I need to make the client satisfied.

Kastler: Jeng: ahh ok, its a lot of text so was hoping to not fill too much space on channel with it. I’ll ask you here?

Tschetter: Dude, do not work for me RewriteRule pagamentoSiTef – L,NC

Jarrard: Jeng: Basically, if you go to http://unit1fitness.mystagingwebsite.com and scroll to the ‘our cl***es section’ there is images there for each cl***. In the theme this are added by using ‘featured image’. I’d love to have it so on hover over they would display some text about the cl***, but no idea where to even begin with that.

Jeng: Have you talked to the theme author?

Steiner: Dude fris, do not work for me RewriteRule pagamentoSiTef – L,NC

Jeng: CMFDesign: where did you get the theme?

Jeng: Go back there and ask for support

Jeng: I’m not going to do much to support a theme for which you paid someone for support!

Poff: Jeng: Ok, sorry! With that plugin you just showed me, it hasn’t helped.

Jeng: Rontill: I’m not figuring this out. If you use another theme, the boxes are there?

Jeng: What does it show as the template file?

Veile: Jeng: It says home_page.php which is practically a blank file.

Millington: Http://pastebin.com/GfjAZzS2

Expose: Jeng: ive used impressive pro and generate press before, checkboxes were there

Jeng: Rontill: you need to talk to whoever made the theme

Goosey: Jeng: I dont have the support package : it would cost me 40$

Krahulec: I already spent 90€ on this one :

Jeng: Back in a bit. need to focus on something

Sheive: Jeng: i removed the webkit appereance = none and now the checkboxes are here

Zelazo: Jeng: THANK YOU SO MUCH !

Banner: CMFDesign in the box where you show the time, if you add another say div cl***=”info”cl*** info/div then do .lesson.d-bg-c-h .info { display: none; } .lesson.d-bg-c-h:hover .info { display: block; } also do additional styling for .info {} how ever you want positioning etc

Keitel: Helpme http://pastebin.com/GfjAZzS2

Neidert: Thanks vector, it didn’t quite work stupid theme but I am just going to leave it.

Barness: VectorX: I can’t even work out how to change font awesome icons

Denzin: Http://unit1fitness.mystagingwebsite.com/ – If you scroll down to the image of the girl drinking a smoothie, how on earth do I change the font awesome icons? There is Halcom in the theme options to do this, so I am going to have to edit the html/php files but can’t see how.

Eshlerman: Who help me with this problem http://pastebin.com/GfjAZzS2