Which has been working.

Rouser: Jquery is included in WP. If you want to use it, enqueue it.

Domeier: Cannap: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script

Titler: I a used array’jQuery’;

Lapradd: Hi, guys. Hoping someone could help me with a slightly niche redirection problem: A friend of mine has a website hosted on what I think is a subdomain of a WP multi-site installation. To save them a hosting fee, they have a normal i.e. not subdomain pointed at my servers and which I’m redirecting 301 to the subdomain on which the site is actually hosted. Getting on the homepage is fine, but accessing

Chevres: Anything else inc. the admin area throws up redirection loop errors with a signup.php bit appended to the URL. I’m sure the problem lies with how I’m redirecting, or some redirection conflict, but have no idea how to proceed :

Decenzo: How much money are you actually saving them with this rube goldberg look it up arrangement?

Suen: No need to look it up, thanks : But a solid £70 a year, I believe.

Shehee: Its not going to work, without some hardcore url spoofing

Ready: It’s less complex than it sounds. Their university supplies hosting space, but it’s comparatively unprofessional and poor branding to offer a subdomain instead of a full domain, so they also had bought a full hosting package from some company purely to redirect the full domain to the subdomain

Shehee: So let me get this right.they have a site hosted on customer1234.freewordpresshostsomething.com

Hoey: Yeah, sorry, I’ll explain better

Shehee: And you’re trying to 301 example.com – custome1234.whatever.com ?

Shehee: Yeah.don’t bother. Go get a part time job which pays £70

Ahnell: It seems to work intermittently, and varies depending on whether or not the redirect includes www. or doesn’t

Dresbach: Next time, buy the domain from google domains. they do web forwarding for free.

Snorton: I see, thanks for the help. What, if you don’t mind, is the problem? And why does it work sometimes but not consistently?

Shehee: Sterndata, won’t matter.wordpress will still build it’s urls based on site_url and wp_home or whatever they are off hand

Shehee: Which will be customer1234.blah.com

Schlageter: Also, this was definitely working before when they were paying for a host that wasn’t me to host the redirection, so I ***ume there is a method, but that’s it’s just conveluted to enact?

Shehee: Were they paying *that* host for it?

Shehee: Meh.yeah, this is going to be all manner of nasty. You can get hosting for next to Elenbaas nowadays

Teamer: But what is it about paid hosting which would mean that it works, dcr?

Shehee: TheMentalist, well.you want to supply wordpress with the urls that are being requested in the header. It relies heavily on the site_url and wp_home IIRC directives which will currently be set to customer1234.fooblahlah.com

Shehee: If you can do that, then you might be ok

Matteucci: Okay, thanks, I’ll look into that :

Prezzia: Grr.,, so mad, i cant find a good mango anywhere around here

Shehee: TheMentalist, whats the url you’re redirecting by the way?

Shehee: Ok, thats not a wp site :

Cushner: Mmm, I realise. But it’s just blanket redirecting the domain to a WP site

Degaetano: Or ought to be, if it’s working correctly

Derouin: Which, I mean, it probably isn’t

Seise: Fyi answer appears still to be the plugin, for now, https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/force-strong-p***words/

Shehee: TheMentalist, its not redirecting at all.its returning a 200 response

Elery: I’ve been trying a load of different redirection options, so it’s probably caught between a few

Osuch: Seems to be redirecting again at my end with cleared cache

Acosto: But the site to which it ought to redirect is http://oujo.oums.org/

Breyer: Which has been working fine, as I say. It’s just that every other page throws the redirection loop :