When someone blames.

Emrick: Primer, you claim “every other CMS” allows this

Straney: I should say examples

Stanwood: That was the first thing I tried

Clemons: Bc you claim it’s so standard

Showman: Primer: a CMS does not provide some file upload “portal” – you’re thinking of GoDaddy’s file manager lol

Ouchi: And it did everything I expected

Tarter: Well thats CMS made simple

Whedon: I bet it’s way limited lmao

Buchman: But it was shot down as “too complicated”

Riggan: Primer, it sounds like you need to change your viewpoint and stance.

Nolfe: Seems like you’re way behind lol

Hostettler: Get them on a static ip, open up a random port for sftp

Uhl: In all actuality, i think many folks in here “can’t believe what they are reading” in your responses heh

Gamlin: And i mean that out of all the respect in the world heh

Base: I guess everyone has their own world

Brodhead: In my world, FTP is ancient

Ours: No, you have standards and then there’s your world described by your comments

Roadcap: Primer, get a “designer” who can code and use git then

Chanley: I’m sure such an argument would not fly in your world either

Parmantier: If I had a coder tell me they demanded to create files for their theme via the cms, and won’t use git, i’d tell them goodbye

Lokan: Primer: ftp is insecure, it’s superceeded by sftp

Devivo: Primer, what argument is that? and “my world” consists more of just myself.

Lis: In my world, the web server can’t write to the do***ent root, but that’s another concession I had to make

Dukich: Anyhow, thanks for your time

Bedsole: I guess it’s sftp then

Ratner: Well i sympathize with whoever your clients are lol

Hauff: SFTP can besafe if yuou make it safe

Showman: WP world shouldn’t have the doc root writable either

Cordas: Don’t use port 22, whitelist IPs, etc

Showman: Stop blaming things on WP – it’s unrelated

Lokan: To be fair, everyone’s world consists only of themselves ; some just make concessions to accept and or allow another’s to be present and coexist.

Brando: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wp-filemanager/

Dokken: This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years

Yorks: And i thought yo usaid no plugins. maybe i was mistaken.

Heerdt: Is what I was looking for, but that plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, but it seems it’s fraught with exploits

Shy: No, I was looking specifically for a file management plugin

Aschim: Well a port is open to the world jsut by you having a site

Deklerk: If your site got compromised, then i have access to your files via your plugin

Grappo: So i mean, we can what-if all day :

Longueville: And yes, I understand that such a plugin could open a whole new can of worms

Schanding: What if opsec decides to run for president?

Loyd: But for now it’d only be installed to get the demo site done

Lokan: Crisumi: john mcafee is standing in for me.

Brundrett: Primer, i think everyone in here would agree that’s an awful way to go. just a heads up from folks who are deeply involved with WP while you are experimenting with CMSs in general

Pedrozo: I would fire your “designer” who codes lol

Brinkmeier: Crisumi: I can understand that you guys want to set a standard, given that most people using WP are going to be using some sort of simple hosting i.e. FTP

Schueneman: Halcom to do with “setting a standard” from the WP community

Kintigh: It’s more of ANY community

Lokan: When someone blames software or technology on their own lack of knowledge or understanding. it’s chuckleable.