What the Stillwagon.

Bowthorpe: Let me know when that works again

Claw: It is working, as I said.

Quilling: Or it’s not being read.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: http://wpbin.io/j7x6fm

Bowthorpe: That’s the shortcode that you will need

Bowthorpe: I’m 100% certain that it will work if you told me the correct shortcode, attribute, and GET param names earlier and you’re putting your code in functions.php of an active working wordpress theme

Jansky: I put some print_r and echo in that function and it’s not displaying anything.

Bowthorpe: Filters return, unless you die after you print_r, it won’t

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: this is my shortcode atts filter for my gallery shortcode on this page: http://robido.com/about-robido/?id=gustav

Bowthorpe: You can change the id $_GET param to whatever you want as an example

Palisbo: I must be in the wrong file.

Croak: Though I’m in /wp-content/themes/Avada/functions.php

Bowthorpe: Well hopefully you never plan on updating that theme lol

Bowthorpe: So yeah, at the end of that file should suffice

Bowthorpe: If that’s your active theme

Easdon: But it’s not being run. I added die too.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: you have to hit a page where that shortcode is present

Bowthorpe: Or the shortcode won’t be processed, and subsequently the attributes of it won’t either

Viggiani: I’m doing that. But your script was wrong, however still not working. It needs to be $atts’narrow_keyword’ = ‘ID:

Bowthorpe: I was changing for my gallery shortcode

Bowthorpe: My earlier version was fine

Craver: The file is read and execute but your code isn’t working.

Bowthorpe: Then you’ve given me incorrect information somewhere

Hawn: The name of the shortcode is correct.

Bowthorpe: When you modify it and print_r the output of your modified $atts array, and then die, is it modified?

Manjarres: The function is never executed.

Bowthorpe: Learn why that’s happening and figure that out

Bowthorpe: I can’t help you if you can’t edit the code

Bowthorpe: Or get it to execute, either or

Scudero: The code is executed, the function is not.

Bowthorpe: Then that means your shortcode name is wrong, you’re on a page where that shortcode isn’t being processed, or there are no attributes on the shortcode

Sanderfur: Neither of those is true.

Bowthorpe: In fact, I don’t think the last one even applies – pretty sure this filter works without atts

Bowthorpe: Sorry, something you’re giving me is incorrect – all shortcodes that are added through add_shortcode process this filter

Bednarek: Not sure how the plugin works.

Marsek: Cdbt-extract is present in $GLOBALS’shortcode_tags’.

Entinger: Well, this method isn’t going to work with this plugin.

Cassella: How can I fix the menu page tree listing to indent properly? I can’t tell what is what when they’re not indented properly under their parent page. https://goo.gl/hK2SSw https://goo.gl/A0chQf

Nordon: You can see my pages page looks fine and has them as children

Russo: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/missing-pages-in-appearance-menus-pages

Galli: How stupid and lame of WordPress

Rinde: What’s the best way to find the latest post in templates?

Frascone: A simple counter variable, or there’s some magic?

Gouger: How to fetch the content of a page ?

Neufville: Shahrukh: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/the_content

Myrck: Does anybody have a recommendation for ways to have custom JS in a wordpress site?

Pollitt: What the Stillwagon commands ?