What question did you.

Apsey: Maybe that makes it easier?

Stoliker: Nah I still have to write the rule myself.

Towe: It’s almost 3 am. I need to fix this till later . :/

Canario: Thanks fris: ill check that

Eid: I have a custom post type called professions. and I have to use it with a url that looks like this: udvikling2015.dk/sundhedspersonale/bliv-vikar/soeg-vikariat . but sundhedspersonale and bliv-vikar are already pages and use that slug so I can’t really use it for my CPT because they are already used by those pages and then the custom post type template won’t display when I click on it. So I have to rewrite a url that somehow overloads those

Martillo: Two pages slugwithout interfering with them.

Haptonstall: I installed a couple of “responsive” themes, and ***umed that they would dynamically change the number of columns of an image gallery as the page width increased or decreased. But they don’t. How would I get this to happen in the easiest way?

Haptonstall: Is that an odd question, or am I missing something?

Hartong: Nesoi it isn’t specific enough for a good answer

Haptonstall: Laurentide: I want a gallery with thumbnails which are initially fixed size but increase or decrease the number of columns as the available pixel width of the browser window changes. Once the window is below some threshold, only then would the images be sized down

Ting: It depends on your theme. there are a lot of themes that can do what you’re looking for

Jerden: If you’ve installed a few and they aren’t quite right, maybe it’s just that.

Haptonstall: Laurentide: that’s good to know. are you aware of any in particular or how I’d find them?

Malave: Not off hand. i think you know how to find them. keep searching

Haptonstall: Actually I don’t know how to find them. I thought “responsive” meant that

Hamiter: Depends how the theme is designed and how it handles thumbnail galleries

Haptonstall: Right, and I don’t see how to search for that at all

Haptonstall: But I’m also not seeing in what way “responsive” themes are responsive the ones I’ve tried

Groene: Nesoi, if i were to browse free wordpress themes, i’d make sure to go to the theme home page and view the author’s demo rather than click the ‘preview’ button on wordpress.org

Haptonstall: The other problem with that is that many of these galleries have fixed size thumbnails, and I need thumbnails which are not cropped which I currently have with the default jetpack gallery

Haptonstall: Laurentide: you’re sure that some themes do what I am looking for? Would it not depend also on the gallery plugin?

Sandate: Can someone tell me how to find how/where my script files are being included from my theme?

Risi: When I check the F12 dev tools on the site it shows them in the head, but I go to header.php and the library isn’t included there

Savaria: Your theme’s functions.php

Hyun: Okay, let me check that

Dambach: Do you know what I would be looking for in there?

Gantzler: A function that is called in the head of my header.php?

Brockel: So, if I am trying to remove an outdated jquery library, I would want to remove one with ‘jquery’ in the params?

Amirault: I found what you were talking about but I don’t see one for the script i am trying to remove

Manchester: Hey guys, I’m using WooCommerce and for some reason when I put bulletpoints in the Product Short Description they do not show. Any ideas how to get this to show?

Haptonstall: Sorry for the lame question: I found something here about making galleries responsive: http://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.stackexchange.com/questions/195576/responsive-wordpress-gallery but I’m not sure where to put the CSS. Any advice?

Derflinger: Nesoi, how well do you understand css selectors

Parmley: Who has their ears on and can answer a quick PHP question tonight?

Scarduzio: Been some time forgot to change that.

Heistand: What question did you have