Wethern: Right. Well github.

Gunyan: VectorX: you arent understanding what i’m saying. You dont have a logical reason to not do it that way

Ueda: VectorX: :THAT WAY: is the easier way

Kinkella: LindsayMac well the reason is so if a user goes to /wp-login.php?action=login they dont see the regular wp login, with some styling ofcourse

Wethern: So how does everyone here deploy their themes, etc via git?

Rouzzo: VectorX: you can avoid that by redirecting users away from wp-login and never actually directly linking to it

Whaley: I’ve added custom fonts to my theme fonts’ folder but the font weights aren’t being recognized. Does the font name and size have to be named in a certain way e.g. Helvetica-100.ott ?

Texiera: Wethern: bitbucket develop branch – ftploy/dploy – my staging host + bitbucket master branch – ftploy/dploy – clients shared hosting

Gandhy: LindsayMac yeah that one option i mentioned previously, but just wanted to check if there was a quick way to integrate the pages into the tamplete

Ionescu: Falconi: you have to include all weights

Mccarthey: And i have included all weights

Creekmur: However they aren’t being recognized

Schechinger: Falconi: so you have to call them by their names.

Ziencina: Falconi: how are you calling them?

Lanius: The fonts are being read

Wethern: Manciel, i’ve never used git to deploy, and i’m trying to wrap my head around it — just make the theme a repo? make the whole WP install be master and branch each — 1 for theme 1 for maybe a custom plugin or something idk.

Skeets: Got disconnected for some reason

Azua: LindsayMac: if you said something, please say it again thanks

Wethern: I’m going to have to setup a deployment method and all my basic thoughts don’t sound right when it comes to having your codebase wexposed etc

Ospital: Wethern: what does it matter which font=

Wethern: Because some fonts don’t have certain weights.

Mcclenic: This one has all weights, they’re all there

Pillard: The font is being read

Wethern: Are your weights being overridden strikethrough in dev tools?

Manciel: Wethern: Just to be clear, you’re thinking of using it for deploying a website to staging and/or prod too?

Lilien: Already used !important to override

Macnamara: For what? no im not a noob ok

Wethern: Manciel, yeah i’m using it locally and a gitlab repo i have on server, but i only use it for the theme.

Wethern: Falconi, ok then go kick rocks dude. trying to help and you aren’t helping me help you.

Hohenbrink: Im just asking if there’s a standard on the naming of the fonts with the weights

Litts: Wethern: good riddance dude

Wethern: Falconi, you’ve yet to answer a single question i’ve asked, and respond like you know what you’re doing so go figure it out

Wethern: Meh i forget the command ;P

Wethern: There’s a reason i’ve asked you the questions i have, and you’ve blatantly refused to answer and tell me you’re “no noob” so then if you know so much, go help yourself.

Sieler: Dude my question wasn’t any of the questions you’re making

Wethern: Or you can answer the questions i’ve asked. period.

Kliger: Why is it that my RAND isn’t really random?

Wachtel: Https://gist.github.com/staycreativedesign/0c404fac0cb99db1db70

Wethern: Falconi, the questions I’m asking you have every bit of relevance to your problem. but OK. you’re the one who can’t figure it out and i can. but go ahead and think you know better.

Wethern: Manciel, not sure the proper way to deploy a wp setup with git

Manciel: Wethern: Right. Well github free is public repos only so that would indeed be bad for private code. Bitbucket is better for that use case imo. I split them that way, everything private on BB and everything public on GH. You could put the entire public_html in the repo but use gitignore to select only your theme and your plugins and your wp-config.php etc. You would then.