Wethern: how I want to.

Wethern: Neeku, search your entire theme folder in a text editor for “style.css”

Delk: Wethern: no from a programming standpoint

Wethern: Link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’fable-style-css’ href=’http://shamekhi.net/blog/wp-content/themes/Fable/style.css?ver=4.3′ type=’text/css’ media=’all’ /

Wethern: Is that the line you wantred?

Wethern: It looks like it’s being enqueued

Wethern: Are you using a child theme, neeku ?

Wethern: Looks like you’re using Fable theme, without a child. womp womp womp.

Durkee: Wethern: it’s not a child, but a whole separate wp installation in /blog

Wethern: Where WP is installed is irrelevant in this case

Wethern: You’re using Fable theme, correct?

Struyk: Wethern: Google result for wordpress theme fable – wordpress-theme/9294431">http://themeforest.net/item/fable-children-kindergarten-wordpress-theme/9294431

Corton: Wethern: trying to figure out how I want to build the actual “pages” for the users.

Wethern: Is that the link to your theme?

Chadek: Initially was going to just use author pages but decided against that.

Wethern: I see where you’re coming from now

Bohl: Elegant Themes, Fable

Wethern: Why against author pages?

Salameh: Hum? are you with me Wethern?

Wethern: Neeku, OK so i’ll be nice and explain a little bit about child themes before i give you a link

Wethern: But first i ask: have you modified ANY CODE within your fable theme ?

Hurban: Wethern: author pages actually only work with users who have a post ***igned to them and I didn’t think overriding that functionality was necessary. Also, i have authords on this site AND users.so I still have a need for the BASIC author pages and thus don’t REALLY want to override them entirely

Papelian: So since the users aren’t actually authors and the authors aren’t actually users, it didnt make sense

Wethern: LindsayM_, really? i had no idea author pages don’t work if 0 posts

Lauren: Wethern: also the site “users” are just given a role of “subscriber”

Wethern: Neeku, yes i’m with you. it’s called multi-tasking : i’ll attempt to flag you on every message for clarity

Michioka: Wethern: I know about child themes a bit, and have failed at implementing them, so I’ve gone with a whole installation to use a separate theme. I get that this is not completely relevant to our topic now, but that doesn’t change my feeling towards a child theme. However I don’t think I’ve made any change to Fable here

Wethern: LindsayM_, you could use rewrite to make /users/SLUG/ or something

Wethern: User id would be easiest of course

Jacobson: Wethern: I didn’t get this question then 22:04 Wethern: why against author pages?

Wethern: Neeku, actually it’s very relevant: child themes

Babst: Wethern: well yea. that’s exactly what I said.

Wethern: Neeku, sorry that was for LindsayM_

Wethern: LindsayM_, sorry i missed that : was trying to hold neeku’s hand heh

Wethern: LindsayM_, so what’s the issue with using /some-slug/user-id/ ?

Wethern: Neeku, ok so child themes are relevant because you’re going to need to add some theme code– and if you do to a non-child theme, all your changes get erased on updating the theme— for say, a security patch

Wethern: So you’ll be without that patch, or lose your changes

Wethern: So are you editign your theme code, and are aware that you can’t update your theme?

Wethern: And it’s not easy to switch to a child theme bc all of your parent theme settinsg will need to be re-setup in your child

Dufford: No Wethern. at that child theme

Wethern: A child theme is VERY easy to implement.

Wethern: But anyway, i’m ***uming you are already altering your theme directly, correct neeku ?

Mentnech: Wethern: how I want to deal with building those links and building the page’s content based on the query vars. I havent done too much yet with custom permalinks etc. Trying to work out in my head what the overall structure is. So I have a page called user and that page has a page template. iw ant to add query vars to that so its something like user/?id=7423 later I can turn that into a pretty permalink then I