Well you have a designer.

Ebbesen: Take me as an ahole or not unsure if i sound like i am, but i am seriously concerned for you. luckily we’re on discussion and we won’t see each other probably after this moment

Buccieri: I sleep better at night knowing I only have ports 80 and 443 fronted by a load balancer open to the world

Jeng: Were di you get that .htaccess from, crush26?

Melcher: But man you need to get your stuff strsight

Stipes: Crisumi: it’s OK, I have a thick skin

Rosenbalm: What’s one more port?

Coffill: I’ve surely been on discussion longer than you

Winrow: I doubt it, unless you’re over the age of 28

Jeng: No, why is it set like that? What’s with “***ets”, etc?

Wagenknecht: I been using discussion since i was 7 or 8 haha

Jeng: As I’ve said before, I have socks older than all of you.

Stasik: Either way, how long one is on discussion doesn’t mean they sit in #wordpress

Herrand: Primer, you should have them dev locally and then push the files to you

Bumps: That’s the safest way without you having to open ports

Ferrero: Git would help with that, but they don’t use git

Perritt: Crisumi: that’s how it’s currently done

Borok: Well then that is what you msut do, and everyone must wait for you to push

Jeng: Crush26: do you have files other than WordPress there?

Benvenuti: I even gave this guy access to git, but he couldn’t wrap his head around it

Gallegas: You’d rather do that than have a file manager plugin

Albury: Jeng: the freelance dev that built my site configured the dir structure

Jeng: Rename your .htaccess file .htaccess-old and upload this in its place: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/htaccess

Tobola: Primer, Basically, if you don’t mind pushing everything yourself— then it’s up to you whether or not you tolerate your “designer” who can’t use git they are a designer. sounds about right. And sounds to me like you actually have zero issues as long as you don’t mind being the designated pusher.

Cocomazzi: Use WP, setup WAMP on their computer and let them roll with it

Stuzman: Or w/e stack you wanna use

Downen: Crisumi: I was content to be that person. We’re pushing actual application code to the site fairly often as it is.

Bon: So then what’s the problem? higher ups saying they dont pay you to spend a lot of time pushing files ?

Billy: See the part about the designer not getting git

Mcpheeters: I had to roll back the repo a few times

Trumpp: I had a client who wouldn’t open ssh, sftp, anything for me. so i just push files to him and he loads it. we have an understanding.

Cage: Your designer shoulnd’t be writing code unless they claim to be a designer and coder kinda rare to be excellent at both– and i don’t mean jsut normal design i mean like any custom design artwork, etc

Gena: And if they do. then they should be told to learn git or kick rocks

Shadden: So actually, you’re in a much better place than i even though you were, simply bc you don’t mind being the FTP client

Franculli: Unfortunately that argument didn’t fly when I presented it

Bengochia: So you’re telling me you said. hey my designer can’t code. get a coder. that didn’t fly?

Virgin: That’s like saying hey this janitor can’t code we can’t use him and they say tough sht

Enger: It sounds like you’re a contractor

Oshinsky: I’ve worked at the same place for 6 years now, and it’s a really cush gig

Trautman: Oh, so because it sounds like i am, i must be eh?

Lokan: Slavery usually is. ;

Daddio: No, slavery usually is terrible

Lokan: Working for a single place == putting all eggs in one basket == 21st century slavery

Wojcik: Well you have a designer who can’t code and they say that he must code? sounds like you haven’t done your job by communicating effectively to your boss.