Well i’m more interested in.

Cottle: You will most likely have a hard time to actually “merge” the databases

Cottle: Your best bet is to export the old one and import it into the new one

Cottle: WordPress has an export-to-xml function

Vogeler: Daspence https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Database_Description diagram is in there

Cottle: So, I have this function that *should* set the first image attached to a post as the featured image, yet it’s not exactly working out: http://hastebin.com/belamaxisa.php

Cottle: What am I doing wrong here?

Radvany: When I’m using a custom page template and I’m trying to create a loop query to display the latest posts instead of the page details, is using query_posts still regarded as bad practice?

Maytubby: One question that might be a little off-topic: how does magento stand out from WP or drupal in terms of e-commerce? as far as I know WP and drupal do have the resources for a good e-commerce platform.

Cottle: Personal oppinion – Magento sure does look pretty and shiny out of the box

Lokan: You should use what you prefer

Cottle: But I wouldn’t start a new project these days on it

Cottle: Besides, I spent so much time on wordpress now, I don’t see why I would bother with another platform ever again

Kuc: There’s a lot of optimisations that is happening with Woo that in my opinion is already done with Magento

Lokan: All the major platforms are compatible with ecomm, magento and oscommerce were made with ecomm specifically in mind.

Cottle: Back when Joomla was “cool”, I used to prefer VirtueMart because it was on a platform I was already using

Cremer: WooCommerce has the largest market share, but Magento still has higher ‘top 100’ ecommerce sites

Lokan: There’s no “best”, each situation is completely different

Lokan: Install everything and look at it all

Cottle: I wonder, from the “top 100” ecommerce sites, as you put it, how much of the base magento install is left in them?

Stieff: Love to start topics :3

Lokan: That’s the most informative and direct method to see what might work for you

Metty: Yeah i will just stick to WP and that’s it

Sausser: I was gonna reply you to go google instead of asking such lengthy topics

Chirco: Best to take options instead of trying everything

Cottle: I should really look at the commits since 4.3 regarding attachments and parent/children relationship

Cottle: My client is saying that his theme function doesn’t set the featured image anymore

Cottle: Or, it does, just not every time

Konieczny: Opsec: the best way for wordpress processing form ?

Omlin: How can i have menu items that only appear when a user is logged in

Hennigan: Opsec: example im using getherbert with custom route

Irvin: AgentOrange: check is_user_logged_in

Netti: AgentOrange: and use this https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/menu-items-visibility-control/

Lemert: Sarver: do form submission on wordpress usually done using ajax?

Betteridge: Williamthe: that’s a really ***ue question

Carbo: You can submit a form any way you like

Waltman: Sarver: if example im using getherbert for wordpress

Orsborn: Sarver: how do i submit my form to custom routing?

Mauser: Williamthe: why would I know that? why are you asking me?

Mccary: Ask the plugin author

Odham: I think the way is too biased im scared im following bad practice

Lindon: So. i’m trying to have the admin search on a custom post type screen include searching meta values of certain meta keys too. what’s the easiest way to accomplish this?

Agne: Hook to the list table columns and the filter dropdowns

Lindon: Well i’m more interested in just showing posts that have matches — and expand it to custom fields