Well first I need add an.

Degasperis: Looking for youtube plugin suggestions

Filipovich: WP embeds youtube nicely, so why a plugin, Degasperis? What functionality do you need?

Simpliciano: Bu***and: I’m sorry, I went afk then went to lunch. I said so an hour ago

Challen: Anyone have any experience whitelabeling the admin dashboard?

Degasperis: Filipovich: I’m looking for one that embeds with a thumbnail of the video

Filipovich: Degasperis: other than the one provided by youtube?

Degasperis: Filipovich: need to take another look. Been doing so much work today not sure what I’ve looked at yet

Filipovich: 95% of the time, I just use the default WP embed — paste in the URL and magic happens.

Monsees: Bu***and: wait, does PHP support overloading?

Himenez: You have two different filters each call the a method by the same name, only with a number of parameters difference. Is that how it knows which one to call?

Degasperis: Filipovich: only one I see on YT is an iframe. not crazy about them

Filipovich: Just paste in the URL and wordpress will create the embed for you.

Degasperis: Hah that must be fairly new. I don’t remember it doing that

Filipovich: Since WP 2.9 according to https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Embeds

Degasperis: Doh. shows you how often I work with youtube lol

Filipovich: So only about 7 years

Degasperis: I’ve used WP since 03 at least and always learning something new to me lol

Degasperis: Now I need to figure out the best way to organize this.

Degasperis: OK let me ask you this. If you’re going to a pro wrestler’s site and want to see some videos would you prefer separate posts for them or a gallery?

Brazler: If i go to a pro wrestler’s site, i’m saddened by the fact that some people think pro wrestling is real 😛

Filipovich: If you were going to have descriptons of the matches, I’d prefer a match be a post with one or more videos. If there’s no collateral copy, then a gallery.

Filipovich: Lvidmar: may the spirit of Bruno San Martino haunt your dreams!

Filipovich: Or a post could be a particular opponent, with multiple videos.

Macky: I’m not even going to google that :

Filipovich: When I was a wee lad, he was one of the big stars.

Degasperis: Stern then you will know the man’s page I’m working on

Filipovich: Ooops, he’s not dead yet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Sammartino

Degasperis: Haha nope. he’s very much alive

Filipovich: He’s too new for me. I think I stopped watching wrestling in my mid teens, though I watched some with my kids in the mid-80’s.

Stam: In your link, you have two methods called hsta_search_posts_join

Runnels: I didn’t think you could do that

Bickleman: Jstransky: i accidentally named the two functions the same thing

Degasperis: But you did bring up a good idea. I might do them as posts as I find them on YT and have him write some memories to go with the vids

Tattershall: Ah, cause in C# you can do that

Rainone: Jstransky: change add_filter’posts_search’,’hsta_search_posts_join’,1,2; to add_filter’posts_search’,’hsta_search_posts_query ‘,1,2;

Ogle: Jstransky: and this function hsta_search_posts_join$search,$qry { to function hsta_search_posts_query$search,$qry {

Kuziel: Jstransky: same for the remove_filter

Wilhelmsen: Is it possible to have a slug that uses already existing slugs? 😀

Mrazik: Holy FK! Bu***and, you might have something here!

Kulis: Jstransky: i know. and its WAY cleaner. also, dont put all that HTML markup in your json return.

Newsome: Jstransky: i didnt test it though. just wrote it up. So im sure you have a little work to do on your part

Dimaio: Well first I need add an additional meta_key