Was trying to do inline for.

Lokan: If you don’t know how to make a backup, say so and i’ll help you do that first.

Shoulders: I know how to make every possible back up. what do you mean, an entire wordpress install backup

Steinbrink: Including database and files?

Lokan: Never operate on any live site, always make a backup before beginning any work.

Grassham: I know I wans’t operating it, i was trying to export from it. lol

Lokan: Ok, we’re going in circles here

Lokan: So, last chance and i’m on to something else

Speich: Not just the database, that’s what i’m asking

Lokan: I’m trying to help you get exactly what you want in the fewest steps.

Lokan: WordPress is useless without the do***ent root *and* the database, one or the other only and you have Halcom.

Siar: Comp084: Simple Backup – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/simple-backup/

Lokan: Once you’ve run that and saved a complete backup, setup a test/dev area subdomain like dev.example.com and move the do***ent root copy there.

Vogeler: How do you guys prefer to use a sqlite db, using PDO or using the sqlite extension

Williamston: Opsec: guess things are a bit more complicated when you have 21 gigs of images. I understand setting up a dev. delete all plugins, then what?

Golec: Because i won’t able to set up a dev site for a couple hours, doing it with my cir***stances

Lokan: Comp084: run the core update

Lokan: Then install a db cleaner like wp-optimize or one of the dozens of others like it

Lokan: Start deleting things you don’t need in the copy and build off that after. much easier than trying to export and import 100’s or 1090’s of posts + attachments

Lokan: Easier to just move the site and trim the fat

Lokan: More reliable, faster, easier.

Cottle: Do you have server shell access?

Cottle: I’d do it completely different 😛

Kreiger: Yes i do, i have ssh on both sites

Cottle: Unpack a new wordpress install over the old one

Cottle: Remove everything under plugins

Cottle: Then use wp-cli and figure out if something’s wrong

Lokan: Https://www.rubegoldberg.com/

Karley: Znf: i was thinking about using wp-cli

Ledenbach: Hey opsec I would like to see your portfolio :

Michel: Wow I’ve been away from HTML to long! I’m missing something aren’t I? : hr style=”width:50%, align:left”

Caudill: I thought it was ;, but nither worked

Cottle: Other than the fact that you’re using hr?

Ori: Hmmm no longer can you use hr

Lokan: Hr is not used like that

Campagna: Designbybeck: you want to do waht exactly?

Cottle: It’s just that now it’s actually thematic

Quarterman: Well yes znf this is a basic html cl*** I’m doing. was trying to handcode stuff, but I’ve been out of web design for to long

Crispell: Just make a hr 50% aligned to the left

Mullineaux: Oh it needs both Horacsio

Gazdik: You have a comma there!

Lokan: Hr cl***=”foo” .foo { width:50%; float:left; }

Courts: Hr style=”width:50%; align:left;”

Lokan: Inline styling is not smart

Studebaker: Opsec is better though

Cottle: It is? someone labeled the door wrong, again

Hearing: Although he doesnt have portfolio 😀

Bronzo: Is there a #css room?

Normand: I tried that as well Horacsio

Lokan: Of course, i don’t direct people to rooms i’m not in

Wasyliszyn: Do the opsec style 😀

Shahin: Ah yes there is a css

Cane: Was trying to do inline for this project