Visual composer ==.

Mujica: Slikts can you list databases?

Lenling: Johndoe2: the permissions are correct

Shebchuk: Johndoe2: do you understand that it was working before?

Michel: Kahahane in the db changed

Nesset: Slikts, you can try with define’WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true;

Hunzeker: In your config file, maybe it’s repairing it

Mogg: Slikts I understand that your situation is frustrating, as I’ve experienced it before. I’m just going through troubleshooting steps I would take.

Skare: Slikts if I may, what happened right before it stopped working? Were you installing/removing/updating anything?

Tenorio: Slikts, don’t know that file, look at the config of your webserver where the log file is defined. don’t know your setup to tell you the location

Savaria: Slikts: “database error” means one or more of the following: db user is incorrect, db p***word is incorrect, db host is incorrect, in wp-config.php

Havey: Johndoe2: I upgraded the files to the latest version; removed everything except wp-content and wp-config.php and added the new files

Savaria: Mysql/maria logs would tell you exactly what

Strefeler: Maybe you have a problem with your plugins being activated in the database. if you’ve deleted the folders and files your db is going to hang up

Divelbiss: Opsec: /var/log/mysql.log and .err files are empty

Wydra: Tweichart: I didn’t touch wp-content

Shalam: Slikts do you have access to your site’s vhost?

Hemlepp: Johndoe2: what has that to do with it?

Savaria: Tweichart: not true. all plugins and themes can be removed, won’t cause a db connect error.

Mellado: Slikts that’s where the ErrorLog location is defined.

Gothier: Tweichart: that’s nonsense

Barragan: Slikts I would tail -f that log while you refresh the site to see if more info spits out

Bixby: Johndoe2: they’re empty

Sharps: Even after refreshing

Bekins: Well crashed at one of my installations last week, but if you’re right you’re right

Arm: Johndoe2: I don’t use apache

Belgarde: The php error log was in nginx logs for some reason

Saines: Checked file permissions after upload?

Savaria: Tweichart: you should stay out of it.

Savaria: File permissions would have Kahahane whatsoever to do with it.

Natividad: Need to go anyways, good luck though ;-

Bleything: Slikts just out of curiosity, catch_workers_output is uncommented and set to yes in your nginx config?

Charan: Johndoe2: turns out I was just editing the wrong file

Tucci: Just having a “moment”

Kretzinger: The actual config file was commented out

Savaria: Slikts: resolved then?

Marris: Slikts yeah, I’ve done that last night until 4 AM. had people in httpd waste their 2 hours trying to help me : it happens, is what I’m saying.

Helfenstein: Has nobody ever noticed that spews tons of notices into the dashboard?

Malbaurn: Hi i have this code generated by the visual composer:

Malbaurn: Is there any chance to get the figure tag inside the a tag?

Malbaurn: The figurecaption tag

Malbaurn: Result would be

Scripps: Malbaurn there’s a plugin that allows you to edit raw code within any section in visual composer, I forget the name. gimme a sec.

Savaria: You bought visual composer, i’d ask them for help.

Hubenthal: Malbaurn I don’t know why I remember being able to change the code, it seems to be a sort of read only thing. DHVC View Shortcode is the plugin.

Savaria: Https://

Ruppenthal: Visual composer == PUKE