Veidit: IF you know that.

Nordeen: The customer is right if it’s inconsequential. or if it’s doable and they want to pay for it ;

Nordeen: I have no problem saying “no” to dumb ideas though.

Rovero: Edwin is more irksome than a client trying to tell me how to do my job.

Nordeen: If it’s too crazy, you have to good at being calm and giving brain surgery ****ogies ;

Smitz: Opsec, could you invite me back to the other place.needed to /part for some services refreshing

Fereday: I just tell them it’s nuts. they’re free to hire someone else who’ll ruin the job for them by following their nutty instructions if they don’t like it.

Nordeen: The place where the flowers grow?

Smitz: And the wild buffalo run

Nordeen: RabSimpson: craigslist is full of nutters

Spackman: Opsec: i could believe it. nutters who want everything for Edwin and they want it yesterday.

Ansbro: Crazy ideas is one thing, but having the audacity to think they can order a contractor around because they slipped them a few bucks is an attitude i can’t abide.

Allessio: As you could probably imagine, this is what stopped me working as an employee 😛

Nordeen: I give 1 hour free meetings to ***ess the client, their ideas, how they compose themselves, etc.

Nordeen: If i feel it’s a fit, i’ll do the work and start a relationship with them. if they’re too scattery or nutty. sayonara.

Nordeen: Http://c2.q-***

Nordeen: Take some of that with me

Nordeen: Dcr: — greenhouse chan. baby boy is back home.

Smitz: Opsec, cannot join “invite only”

Smitz: Perhaps /invite dcr or something

Hiskey: Is there something clever I can add to functions.php that will disable comments completely across the whole site?

Nordeen: I forgot the channel is locked to nicks ;

Hillwig: Fuf: Disable Comments –

Hiskey: Thanks sterndata I use that plugin a lot but I’m trying to move away from relying on plugins for everything

Sokolowich: Fuf: tear it apart and see how they do it.

Smitz: Opsec, oh.I can do that

Lorincz: I can’t figure out why my plugins deactive themselves from time to time

Whitner: Suddenly just all of them, deactivated. Any clues?

Hawthrone: Anybody having a good tutorial to expose save & modify an array with post_meta

Leggett: Sorry was disconnected

Dagis: I am a sysadmin and not a developer, I have a theme that loads wp-load.php, the thing is that I get a http 302 redirect to the blog when I’m not logged in, when I’m logged in it works great! This is a WP-MS installation.

Dyen: Veidit: what do you mean “I have a theme that loads wp-load.php” What theme is this?

Berkstresser: Sterndata: wordpress-theme/7315054"> Yes I have a ticket open with them but they have no idea how this can happen.

Esplin: So it worked and now it’s not?

Kardux: Sterndata: The file css/style_dynamic.php loads wp-load.php to be more precise

Thornberg: IF you change the theme to twentyfifteen do things work correctly?

Ruef: Sterndata: Never worked for me

Brandeis: Sterndata: Well since twentyfifteen dosn’t load css/style_dynamic.php from the bridge theme I am quite sure that it works.

Drewry: Please try it out so we can decide it’s the theme and not a plugin

Bir: The codex is up to date?

Sertuche: Widoz: that’s a pretty ***ue question. What are you having problems with?

Fiala: Sterndata: well the issue is with the bridge theme and not the plugin as I said.

Arjes: Sterndata: Since another theme won’t load another themes css file.

Blick: Veidit: IF you know that problem is in that file and that file is from a paid theme and you’re not willing to do any diagnostics, good luck. Hope they respond soon.