VectorX you would use a.

Saterfield: I’ve built at least 2 site with Sage, so I’ve got something of a handle on it

Lacy: The docs are pretty clear

Mcalexander: As of yet I haven’t really worked on a project that justifies me learning capistrano yet

Bruen: I’ll be learning stuff on this experimental theme though

Slutzky: I’ll be playing with the WP ReST API and possibly angular on the frontend

Winrow: I figured that I’d probably start by loading sidebar content with ajax

Kuehner: There is a good link you should checkout it has a bunch of posts in the series using rest and angular in wordpress

Kuehner: Https://

Brownstein: This will be my first real venture into angular as well. I haven’t really experimented with it much

Kuehner: has some good tutorials on angular stuff not with wp though

Kuehner: Https://

Altvater: I’m a mentor with Thinkful, so I’ve got access to their curriculum on angular. I’ve started working through that.

Ayon: Think I’ve also got an orielly book on angular sitting on the pile on my bed

Dumpert: I wish that I was as clever as my household guests think I am when they see my piles of books

Kuehner: Myself i rather learn online than books, with online you can read then start coding with examples and if needed cut and paste, with a book its kinda hard :p

Hedspeth: Has anyone seen this error before? When I save with 1 checked it remains, when I check both and save its gone, then when I save with 1 its still gone.

Kuehner: Prob the best wp book i bought was the print version of diggging into wordpress

Witherington: Fris: that was probably one of the most valuable books I ever had. I never had a paper copy though.

Saether: I actually started writing a wordpress book a few days ago. but then I realized what a huge project it would be. If I continue it, I’ll cut it right down for a specific audience.

Kuehner: Still have it, but its a couple years old, i might get a newer one if they have a print version fo 4.3 coming up

Piskura: Is there a way to break this up into parts: get_template_part ‘content’, ‘page’ , in other words id like to load some content then call get_sidebar; and add more content

Kuehner: Bobdobbs jeff star has some other books that are good and wordpress-themes-book/">

Buckle: Fris: this one looks interesting:

Lascala: The authors guide the reader through the building of an education management app

Cereo: Its really good. I’ve eyeballed over it, but haven’t read it.

Kuehner: Print books are out of stock currently for digwp

Gisler: Not surprising. it’s a good book

Maruscak: I’m happy to hear that it’s still a living project. The earlier edition is from so long ago that I thought it would be kinda neglegted

Manvelyan: Django_: that call just brings in content-page.php, so you can do what you want in that file.

Kuehner: Bobdobbs ya i just downloaded latest versions of the books which were updated sept 2nd, for wp tao, in depth, and digwp

Presho: Manvelyan: ahhhh ?php get_template_part ‘content’, ‘page’ ; ?

Beneker: I have a blog with ping/trackbacks enabled. I see a WP published an article on 9/3 that linked to my site. But, my site doesn’t have the ping back in Comments. Do you guys have any insights as to how the pingbacks work, and what I may do to troubleshoot?

Ariyoshi: Fris: nice chatting. crashtime for me. night all.

Baltz: Django_:

Kendig: Trying to optimize a site and thinking of images via cdn, if i use a sub domain concept, how can i get WP to serve its images throuh that ?

Kuehner: VectorX you would use a filter to have it serve through that domain