Using 4.3.1 – surely i.

Luster: Horacsio,***ent/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

Tapley: Took me longer than normal to find it. must have been a while since i had to look

Lokan: If/when this place becomes too “slavey” to live a normal h***le-free life. i’m ready to go ;

Vititoe: I breathe wp and woo heh

Granvold: Oh! so the page.php can be that woocommerce.php?! :S

Theule: Horacsio, yes and no, you need to remove the WP loop and follow instructions, but

Lokan: Crisumi: Zeta Reticula

Brebes: Thank you very much for the link

Escorza: If you don’t have woocommerce.php then you have to theme way more crap

Mocarski: You gotta basically copy the whole templates folder over

Olay: Now using woocommerce.php does put you at a disavantage a bit

Cardero: Like 1 you can’t override files like archive-product.php and whatnot

Loch: Woocommerce.php takes care of a lot of base templates — too much to type now i’m about to head out

Lokan: This world is being squeezed until unified action is taken by the people and things change for the positive. or everyone gives in and total overt planetary slavery takes hold.

Lokan: Still could go either way.

Meczywor: Be interesting to see the wealth separation in 10years

Lokan: It could. the key is self-responsibility in all things

Lokan: It’s all rooted in belief

Lokan: If no one believes bs anymore, “wealth” vanishes.

Halstead: You know what i mean tho

Krumm: Any which way, i’m gonna bounce for a bit

Lokan: People don’t like being told they’re in control and always have been ;

Stolley: Thanks for easing me out of my drupal headache ;

Spartin: Crisumi: thanks for your insights. What will probably happen is that I’ll setup sftp for this designer, and he’ll end up destroying the web site

Strehlow: At which point I’ll laugh, tell the higher-ups “I told you so”, and laugh again

Knape: Then cry because I’ll have to fix it

Estevez: Crisumi: you know how to solve that archive-product.php template issue?

Pedroza: I have some code I put straight into a post and it works fine. I move it into a function in that is attached to a filter that fires on that page and I get an infinite loop for some reason.

Drury: My products are marked with “free shipping” in the cart, but I haven’t selected free shipping in the woocommerce settings. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of the free shipping message?

Causby: I mean they are marked with “free shipping” on the product page.

Capilla: Got a question: I am having a problem on the WordPress backend. I can not drag the Page Elements between columns, the screen layout button doesn’t work, and the help button doesnt plus work either. I googled this and all the previous postings on the forums are from 7 years ago

Falge: Screen options sorry lol

Mcgaffee: It sounds like you might be using a pagebuilder plugin and/or theme ?

Starkie: There’s also no dragging of page elemnts between columns

Hechinger: Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean please :

Delore: Grabbing a screenshot

Rawe: Http:// see that says drag and drop. does it lie?

Yerbich: That’s a custom plugins work, I don’t know what plugin though as I’ve never seen that interface

Meyers: But defenitely something you’d want to take up with the author of it, as it sounds like it might be incompatible with something

Lafone: That I didn’t know. I just got this site from somone else

Tagle: Ahh I see, yeah tahjt’s not something generated by WordPress it self =

Gacusan: Http:// These are the only ones installed.

Patajo: Using 4.3.1 – surely i don’t need to install a plugin to configure smtp?