Under admin panel of.

Murel: Hi, how to check if admin bar is disabled in front-end only?

Bennefield: Lenswipee: check the functions.php maybe?

Bennefield: There’s a filter that can disable the admin bar

Bennefield: wordpress">Http://davidwalsh.name/hide-admin-bar-wordpress

Bennefield: See if you see any code like that in the functions file

Bennefield: If not, then maybe grep for ‘admin bar’ in your plugins dir

Relyea: Bennefield: looking for function to detect if admin bar is enabled/disabled. I know it’s currently disabled as I cannot see it :

Bennefield: Oh. you want to create a function specifically to discover if admin bar is disabled?

Bennefield: I wonder if its possible to dump all functions that are hooked to an action.

Bennefield: Well, you could programatically check if ‘show admin bar’ has been set to return false with a simple test, I guess.

Bennefield: Like, if someone has used that filter in the way that david walsh has described, you could do something like “if show_admin_bar returns false, then report”

Skrobacki: Bennefield: show_admin_bar is used to enable/disable. You mean is_admin_bar_showing, but that will always gives true if I’m logged in the backend.

Bennefield: Josefy knows all the things

Bennefield: Seriously, how did you even know that?

Josefy: And yes, in the admin it’ll always return true because in the admin interface it is always showing

Bennefield: Lenswipee: you could use your browsers incognito mode to check

Steketee: Well I want to detect front-end only.

Josefy: And for the front end that function will return true/false depending on if the user is logged in and can see it, or if it’s visible to non-loggedin users

Hanner: I want to detect if admin bar is showing in the front-end while Iam logged in the backend.

Sarzynski: In my homepage I have a tag home_intro where in db i sould find it ?

Josefy: Lenswipee: There are so many factors for that though

Josefy: What’s the use case ?

Juniper: Josefy: just a admin control I want to be able to see in the backend.

Phelp: In the admin panel under home page I have home_intro where in the db I will find it ?

Josefy: Look up the status of the filter

Dillabough: Josefy: looks like I have to steal some code from a plugin that knows how to disable it completely as a guide. boring.

Josefy: Just call the filter and see what it returns

Sakkinen: Josefy: add_filter ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ ;

Leibman: Josefy: how you call the filter?

Villegas: Josefy can you help me please ?

Josefy: If ‘test’ == apply_filter ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘test’ { Edwin is messign wit hthe filter, check global $show_admin_bar for definitive answer }

Josefy: That’s just a pseudo line, actualyl call it, see if it returns true or false, and p*** in the global $show_admin_bar as the argument for it =

Josefy: That made way more sense before I tried to type it out

Josefy: Global $show_admin_bar; $is_visible = apply_filter ‘show_admin_bar’, $show_admin_bar ; if $is_visible { I can see it! } else { I can’t! }

Josefy: That should hopefully make a bit more sense o/

Amboise: Josefy: getting undefined function apply_filter

Tynio: And it doesn’t do a thing.

Kermes: Where in the db wordpress stores home_page kind of tags

Bergren: ArtisanIndia: Probably somewhere in wp_options

Josefy: Lenswipee: How are you trying to call this ?

Josefy: ArtisanIndia: That’s a shortcode

Vanvickle: Yes where it stores the shortcodes ?

Josefy: It’s defined either by a plugin, or your theme, and what it does is not somethign we know because we don’t know what theme or plugin is adding it

Ziebold: Under admin panel of wordpress I clicked on edit “Home” page over there I see home_intro