Um. talk to the.

Filo: Ok, thanks. That might be better. And I have a foreach loop through those users to check the capability I need

Filo: Just wishing it was simpler and cheaper

Chruch: Is it right to make an image gallery just with custom posts?

Scrobola: Vautour: Why? You can have a gallery in a single post which usualyl makes more sense

Garrity: Depending on use case of course, but on a generalised basis, single post with a gallery in it is better

Matin: Jiron: My idea is to make an photo gallery for a photographer, and I want to make an “plugin” kinda like thing

Yanagida: Vautour: NextGEN Gallery –

Scharpman: Their target audience is photagophers

Bedrosian: See if they do what you wish first, so you don’t end up reinveting the wheel –

Marban: You know I cna’t spell, shush

Bense: That wasn’t a typo even, it was just really bad

Eppich: Photagophers is the new term tho didn’t you know?

Levoci: Jesus, Sweden and Norway

Corkran: Jiron: The thing is how they display later on, on the page

Banecker: Yes, all 3 are related 😛

Duxbury: Vautour: That’s theme styling ;

Gummersall: Hi, is there any way to lighten the cpu usage on wp-login.php requests? There’s quite a few bots active trying to brute force accounts lately and the CPU usage on wp-login.php is pretty high causing all kinds of issues

Jimmison: Freakynl: Security-protection –

Desrochers: Anyway there are quite a few good plugins to manage bruteforce attacks

Wetherington: Opsec: IP Geo Block –

Dalby: Hi, can i delete empty rows?

Canon: The posts table has a lot of empty rows can i delete them

Morning: Opsec: how does adding an extra plugin reduce CPU? fail2ban will ban them after so many requests + interval to check logs, but at 25% CPU per request for 1-2 secs and 30 bots hammering your site at some times that isn’t always fast enough. It’s running in fastcgi as the user

Filo: Twirl: there are plugins for database cleanup

Kornhauser: Twirl: Clean Up Optimizer – Optimize & Clean Database –

Radeke: Mpol: if i wanted a plugin i would have gotten a plugin, can you answer my question instead?

Glinka: Something is wrong if there is 25% cpu usage for one request

Filo: Twirl: huh, those plugins have nice admin pages as their frontend. You can safely use them, after you made a backup

Lokan: Freakynl: it’s fine if you’re not interested in reading, i thought you were looking for solutions, my mistake.

Nebesnik: Mpol: that doesn’t answer the question, its a yes or no question

Mcmurphy: You should not have empty rows though

Grossklaus: You might have a problem

Filo: Twirl: for all i care you can delete rows in your wp_posts

Hogan: Dopazo: ever deleted a post? well it keeps the freaking row

Koogle: Im doing operations in the database and i don’t like having empty rows

Daskam: Hi. I’m taking over a server for my sporting club, and the site had to be moved, and now I’m getting an issue Error 503 Service Unavailable

Burce: XID: 567704123 Varnish cache server

Freniere: Montage: have to be moved where? xD

Dingell: From one server to another.

Rottenberg: Well u gotta configure the server maybe?

Yosko: That error is not from wordpress

Fagerstrom: Montage: i’d start by removing varnish

Widera: This is only when accessing wp-admin

Delmoro: How do i remove varnish?

Fagerstrom: Um. talk to the sysadmin