Ugh why does this not.

Grupa: Nesoi: because that’s not how they do it and it’s not going to change, so leave it alone.

Guiggey: Opsec does things his own way; they’re not replicable by mortal users.

Averitt: Thetennis: what files are in  /home/craftyin/public_html/ ?

Pratley: Rather. where is wp-config.php?

Teachout: Is this a multisite or single site?

Bottomley: Home/craftyin/public_html/

Mulero: Do you have an .htaccess file there?

Aderson: I am going to try reuploading

Maultasch: In the folder?

Lipschutz: If that’s where the do***ent root is, yes.

Profera: I’m going back to watching “Genesis of the Daleks”.

Lupino: I haven’t edited it or anything

Uzzo: Make sure you edit wp-config.php to work with the new database name and user which you probably had to ***ign.

Cushing: Opsec: I hope I didn’t annoy sterndata by agreeing with you :

Pyle: But I really don’t see why they would prefer absolute URLs. is there some logic behind that?

Leinen: This has been discussed to death

Essig: Fujihara: so what’s the summary?

Galavis: The reason I found was:

Galletti: Ignoring all the other arguments I would say absolute urls are essential for one reason.

Tinson: Any images with relative urls will not work in feed readers since they will try to load the image relative to the reader eg load from which clearly won’t work.

Brennan: This is not really valid because the URLs could be fully qualified at runtime

Oyuela: Based on the current base URL setting

Lasiter: Also it would seem that using absolute URLs precludes a dev/test/production workflow

Tamm: Or is there a way to get that to work?

Endries: What’s so hard about using search and replace to fix the urls?

Pevey: And if you use a plugin like Duplicator, it does it automatically

Gushwa: Yeah i normally would

Belle: Domain is expired do wordpress access

Ramsaroop: Ok, so your workflow would be what: develop on your dev server, write a search and replace procedure in the move to test and move to production scripts?

Deckard: 10 seconds btw is not acceptable in to be down in a production site

Osby: And anyway, there is no real use case that proves relative urls are better –

Armenta: And I’m surprised, you mean you will copy db changes directly to production? That’s a big no-no

Kaltefleiter: I think I just mentioned a use case that’s very very typical in any professional production environment

Wrzesinski: If I were making any code changes – I would be using WP functions that can give me the correct URL, so moving files = my IDE uploading the file to the correct server

Borom: If it was db related, I would have a function that inputs the correct values into db, regardless of the URL

Pansullo: Using your IDE to move to production is not acceptable in any really professional environment

Christoph: Move to production ALWAYS has to be automated

Bula: The only time I use search and replace is when I make the initial move

Douvier: Otherwise human error can cause an outage

Auslam: Manual move to production is only done by hobbyists

Gouthier: To summarise – Absolute URLs are staying. You probably have better things to worry about

Biermann: Fujihara: it shows a lack of understanding of real production methodologies IMHO :

Ingber: You are free to have your opinion and feel free to contribute a trac ticket towards the discussion.

Lovera: If “%{HTTP_HOST} == ‘’ ”

Macneal: RedirectMatch /imgs/.*$$1

Ganison: Ugh why does this not work