Twirl: That’s not too.

Utley: Without doing multisite

Llewlyn: You want to ***ign content to areas of a front end web page?

Ortelt: You can then link to individual category archives

Llewlyn: Jiron seems to get it faster what Goto__ actually wants.

Egertson: Aha, soI can have different categories showing up in their respective ‘sections’

Llewlyn: Yes, by using different queries

Lamberton: So I just add the categories to the post and and then?

Fissel: In the menu manager, you can add categories, if you add a category it will be linked to a post listing for just that category

Llewlyn: You need to write a template with a bunch of queries, for each category one

Llewlyn: Oh, OK, I thought he wanted that on one page. probably still didn’t get his question … sorry

Taniguchi: Yeah Llewlyn, it’s actually a more newbie question than a hack ;P

Staiano: I’m obviously making the presumption he’s not developing a theme =

Hitchko: Im new to wordpress and want to learn, my goal is to make a page with some static pages, sliders, a photo galery and its not for seling stuff. any suggestions for good free themes

Llewlyn: That sounds much better. have you searched the plugin repository yet? you could search for popular themes or even select features you want to have.

Llewlyn: S/plugin repository/theme repository/

Llewlyn: Basically all themes should cover the features you just asked for. sticking with a default theme those starting with “Twenty …” isn’t probably a bad idea if you are new to WordPress

Exford: Ok tnx, i’ll toy around a bit :

Reaves: Hello clever people, i’m running wordpress under a reverse proxy environment and my wordpress admin area can sometimes miss the trailing directory on certain actions on forms, eg my domain is but the action in wp-admin area is just so it strips the “subdir” part out and thus then redirects me to a 404 page as it isn’t returning me the correct path. I’m really stumped with this, I can manually add the “subdir” and

Toof: Navigate to the page, but for other users this is a bit too much. Any ideas?

Lunsford: What are you guys using for an image gallery in a post?

Lunsford: I used ACF Gallery but I was just thinking are there other things also available to use?

Lunsford: So I can easily grab those images in a theme slider or something. :

Llewlyn: Lunsford: what’s wrong with the native gallery?

Lunsford: Never used it :- Is it easy to use, as in to fetch tumbs and large images from it in a theme etc? :

Llewlyn: But if you want a theme slider, you might want to use a custom post type that only supports featured images.

Lunsford: Oh never created a CPT before for something like that. :

Llewlyn: Then it#s getting time 😛

Llewlyn: Very easy. have a look at … 

Mcgee: Lunsford: Custom Post Type UI –

Llewlyn: Pff, you can also register_post_type yourself, but as you would do that in a plugin, it’s just another way to deal with it

Llewlyn: Ie. either write a plugin yourself or use an existing plugin

Lunsford: Do you use the plugin you mentioned above, or are you writing it all yourself?

Llewlyn: You can also use

Llewlyn: Anyhow … you need to write a little plugin.

Raskin: Nate: u said u can show ttfb from chrome/ff network tab?

Chrisman: Twirl: I’m not entirely familiar with Chrome’s built in web-dev tools, but firebug is an extension for Firefox possibly chrome too

Zitzloff: Nate: i dont like firebug/ff much but i can see the network tab in ff developer tools is showing 636ms on /

Chrisman: Twirl: That’s not too horible, means your site is taking roughly 0.6s to otherwise handle the backend response, you could still lower that with caching solutions but if your site is having multiple-second loads then it’s most likely in your design itself