Tweichart: I guess php-fpm.

Byro: Tweichart: Might be, hehe

Filipovich: Opsec: looks like the database is corrupt!

Savaria: Filipovich: corrupt how?

Griffith: I just love when the database gets corrupt

Filipovich: I exported the DB and imported into one on my test server

Filipovich: No unique key on wp_options

Maley: Last time I had a corrupt DB, I manually recreated 1000 posts by hand, I hope I never have to do that again

Lebby: That was many years ago, I ****ed at web dev, but it worked! lol

Savaria: Create them by foot next time.

Osterholt: Lol keep the hands free to sacrifice coffee to the gods opsec

Bahr: Roelof: sounds like you want a walker cl***

Ventors: Roelof:***_Reference/Walker_Nav_Menu

Bahr: Menu to your hearts content :

Mcaveney: Is that like an accordion nav?

Sahm: I never heard it a walker nav, but i’m looking at google images

Bahr: ScoDal: a walker nav is a PHP Cl***

Bahr: It allows you to “walk” your nav and basically do w/e you want to it

Kamaka: ScoDal: its a walker CL***. you can extend it

Bahr: Google images is far from where you need to be : cehck the link above

Bitsko: Bu***and, opsec: Something like this: wordpress/">

Filipovich: I think I have to recreate indexes on all these tables.

Sprunk: Ha i had a bonehead reply, congrats to myself, ok looking

Bahr: Boyer: one click installs are bad bro

Capinpin: Boyer: simple scripts or scriptaculous

Snode: Bu***and: Could you tell me more about it or maybe link me to a guide? Can’t really find one when I search for scriptaculous

Glaus: Wp muti site does that on click stuff quite fine

Coatney: Boyer: use google. not doing any work for you

Nazario: Bu***and: Of course, I understand

Fullenwider: Boyer: just google ‘web hosting auto installer” or something

Slate: Hello guys. I see total posts 117, published 117 but the list only has 3 visible in the admin area. I’m logged in with an administrator account. Any way to make them visible? Is there a database value that makes them invisible?

Hallauer: Johndoe2: sounds like a pre_get_posts gone rogue

Pais: Everyone thanks, I have to leave. Sporting to do

Fron: Bu***and: Thank you for your creativity! Hehe

Duling: Bu***and okay. thank you

Bitz: Boyer: sorry i have to google FOR you.

Carruthers: How do I debug a “database error”? I upgraded my wp and now that’s all I get; the config was working before and I didn’t change it

Savaria: Boyer: could be a strong sign that you shouldn’t be doing what you think you want to.

Fineout: Slikts make sure the values in wp-config.php match your cpanel’s. Go to your host control panel and change the p***word if you can’t see it, then update that p***word in wp-config.php and refresh your browser.

Frederickson: Johndoe2: the values match because it was working before. as I said. also, I have no friggin cpanel

Bridendolph: Opsec: If I would listen to you guys, I would be stuck in my basement all day under my bed. I want to learn and I’ll do that, you guys are way to negative atm

Gavina: I just want an actual error message not “database error”

Wiesemann: Slikts, look at the servers error.log, maybe it’s giving you something

Repp: Slikts gotcha. Try turning on debug in wp-config.php, try mysql -u your-wp-user -p in terminal if you have ssh access.

Rodrigus: That would rule out your database daemon being down

Trover: Johndoe2: the command works; the db is up and the credentials are right

Chilsom: Tweichart: I guess php-fpm.log is not the right one