Too tired after moving all.

Pinnix: Yeah all other browsers are fine

Puffett: Unfortunately i like to use chome logger

Fuger: Which only works in fkn chrome

Geil: Daslicht its a bug in chrome

Geil: Goto chrome://flags/#disable-slimming-paint and disable slimming paint

Moranda: Hey, I’m trying to wrap my sub-menu items with a wrapper div

Leukuma: What’s the best way to go about this?

Mohamed: Fris: yep I tried that

Roberta: But it wraps the sub menu and its items

Snedeger: I would just like the items to be wrapped, not the whole sub menu and the items

Geil: Emporio

Rossler: Fris: you know if a good picture/media uploaded that allows you to specify where the uploaded files go?

Degroat: Fris: yes i used that

Roering: But it wraps teh whole sub menu

Maio: I only want the items wrapped

Geil: Shebbi you can use a define

Geil: Shebbi or use this

Geil: Upload_path and upload_url_path are 2 options that arent shown in the wp-admin

Corderman: I’m going to try this:

Geil: Emporio you can do with walker, you just need to do the right kind

Peay: Fris: how I show the upload box in the front end?

Billings: Fris: where do I find the right king?

Geil: Either do your own, or fine an example

Geil: Shebbi what you trying to do? front end upload?

Geil: Https:// use something like this

Geil: I myself use gravityforms, or you can use another form plugin, like ninjaforms , or caldera which allow this if you dont have a copy of gf

Neddo: Fris: can you show me an example of how all sub-menu items are wrapped using a walker?

Geil: I dont know of one, thats why i said do your own

Croswell: Fris: can’t you use the wp uploader?

Geil: Shebbi you can do wp_enqueue_media which will add the uploader

Geil: That will add the tinymce as well though

Christenbury: Is is possible to combine “Advanced Custom Field” plugin with an autcompleting research bar ?

Khou: Fris: what is tinymce?

Grannell: Tinnymce is a wysiwyg editor

Blumenstock: Fris: you got pic of it?

Geil: Shebbi when you goto add post its there

Geil: The part where you enter the post content

Whit: Plugin deactivated due to error : plugin file does not exist.

Altadonna: Fris: you can’t modify it?

Scannapieco: Ok i solved my issue with jQuery

Digiacomo: Http://

Geil: Shebbi you might be able too

Geil: Well if you didnt know what tinymce is, you might have a hard time doing this ;

Geil: Thats why i mentioned the plugin route

Larrick: Fris: what would you do if I had all your knowledge?

Geil: Prob the same route what the plugin does

Geil: Adds upload input, and hook into the media library and upload it

Carlon: Fris: so you would use plugin?

Geil: That is the easiest route

Castillero: Didn’t wordpress used to have a window.relocation or php header location function?

Geil: Runtyrobot wp_redirect?

Palchetti: Fris:

Outten: Fris: I’m looking for something that allows you to upload multiple files at once with a progress bar?

Miyasaka: Thank you – can’t brain today

Phillippy: Too tired after moving all weekend. Appricate it a lot :