Tommy_the_dragon: the page.

Morita: I want to edit the content of this home_intro but I am not able to find it in the admin panel

Josefy: If you can’t apply filters you are not calling it from within WordPress

Armson: Gapen: so far like this:

Samorano: Hi all, new to wordpress development. I’m trying to exclude a category from blog but when I put archive.php or page-{id}.php in my theme, it doesn’t seem to hook in. Is there a cache I have to clear?

Bornmann: Also, I’m using static front page.

Panella: Easiest way to later the main post query? Any plugins around, or do I need to do it in code?

Josefy: Lenswipee: Should work just fine.

Pestano: MarkusDBX: No exact match found for ‘pre_get_posts’ – See the full set of results at****r-function

Huertes: MarkusDBX: No exact match found for ‘pre_get_posts’ – See the full set of results at****r-function

Gayhart: Gapen: nope, always return false whether I activate the admin_bar plugin or not.

Josefy: Seriously Lava? You’re being dumb.

Gurry: MarkusDBX:

Ourada: Lava: I’m already trying that solution.

Wallet: Lava: seems not too easy though =

Josefy: That’s the correct solution to altering the main query though

Josefy: It’s relatively straight forward once you do it a time or two, which part of it confuses you ?

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: are you using a custom loop in your static homepage?

Josefy: Lenswipee: Have you disabled the admin bar in your theme or anything like that ? ;

Kiral: Gapen: no, it’s all controlled by the admin_bar plugin.

Josefy: I’m calling it just fine right now, and it’s giving the expected result

Meunier: Gapen: I’m confused by how to add an AND operator to the query. I want to include product_tag in my product_category query. This is woocommerce.

Josefy: Lenswipee: Could it be because you aren’t doing checked=”checked” in your HTML? 😛

Stidstone: Bennefield: No, I’m trying to change what appears on the blog page specifically. The front page doesn’t display blog posts.

Bennefield: So, you aren’t using a custom query?

Bennefield: If you were, you could use a parameter listed here:***_Reference/WP_Query#Category_Parameters

Josefy: MarkusDBX: Ahh, I’ve not injected a tax into my query before, let’s have a quick look

Bennefield: I’m pointing that out, just because tend to use custom queries if I’m crafting the front page

Floresca: Bennefield: I tried to do the loop using ?php $query = new WP_Query ‘cat=-11’ ; ? in archive.php but it didn’t seem to work

Ducceschi: Bennefield: I’m likely doing this completely wrong 😛

Daddario: Gapen: is the oparators called “tax”?

Gaudette: Gapen: admin_bar plugin is activated and i just changed checked=checked but still showing it as disabled.

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: I bet you aren’t too far off

Cipkowski: Gapen: I saw I got a tax_query object too

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: when you say “didn’t work”, what do you mean?

Josefy: MarkusDBX: Nah, tags and taxonomies are different

Bresee: I put die at the top of archive.php and it still renders.

Pedri: Tommy_the_dragon: You’re trying to exclude a category on your main post listing page?

Josefy: MarkusDBX: You should be able to push in $query-set ‘tag’, $whatever ;

Josefy: It hsould be doing a nAND comparison at that point

Ducking: Ideally I’d like to exclude it from anything that tries to list posts

Bennefield: Tommy_the_dragon: the page might not have been using the template you think it was using: