This isn’t the nextgen.

Huerto: I mean, modifying its child theme functionality

Huerto: I almost already got it xd

Panelli: Most functions get hooked using add_action. you can use remove_action, then write your own stuff and add that instead.

Panelli: Or you create your own new widget

Lethco: Panelli: that widget gives a dropdown of categories and when we click any one it renders that category post. thats cool but I need that the user can select multiple categories at a time

Panelli: Did you search in the plugin repo?

Lampitt: T4nk091: AVH Extended Categories Widgets –

Stalnaker: Yes but could’nt find it

Rummel: Want to customize log-in page? ! where is the CSS file to do it?

Panelli: Dury: there are so many plugins available for that. and tutorials. Really, give it a try and search a little.

Rummel: Panelli: see want I can do

Rummel: Panelli: see what I can do, sorry

Panelli: Https://

Panelli: Http://

Rummel: Panelli: which one do you suggest me is better

Panelli: Dury: that really depends what you want to achieve. Hard to say.

Huerto: In functions.php, parent theme uses require_oncepath.’widgets.php’; to include that file, if i need to change the functionality of widgets.php, would it be a good approach to require_once widgets.php in another locationchildtheme with changed functionality?

Panelli: Pezzuti: learning German accent? ;

Panelli: As mentioned before, functions get hooked. you want ti different in a child theme? remove_action, add your own function, then add_action that.

Huerto: Where could i find that add_action?

Huerto: It’s not in ./functions.php :p

Panelli: That might be the reason, functions.php requires another file

Huerto: Ok :p xd, i am completely new to wordpress. my brother happens to need a lot of wordpress work to be done and i am thrown into the open water without knowing how to swim xd

Huerto: Panelli: do widgets act independiently?

Huerto: Hehe i begin to understand little by little. so i have to create and register a new widget !

Goodemote: Does anyone have an idea of how I can add a file type to the edit themes screen?

Panelli: You shouldn’t even use that editor.

Venible: Mmhmm, that’s what people say – now to the question 😛

Huerto: Isn’t it a little “dirty” to code a new widget inside functions.php?, shouldn’t i require_once a widgets.php for my child theme widgets?

Hovell: Anyone here work with nextgen gallery?

Panelli: Huerto: that depends on how bloated your functions.php is

Panelli: Runtyrobot: what files can be edited it set in

Panelli: And in line 112 you see that it uses a filter, which you could hook into

Hohmann: It’s a one off to allow the guy to edit scss that way

Huerto: Can i extend WP_Widgets inside my child theme?

Bockhorst: Want to add social like buttons in nextgen gallery

Huerto: S/WP_Widgets/WP_Widget

Panelli: Huerto: why couldn’t you?

Huerto: Panelli: not sure where WP_Widget is declared and/or with which scope

Huerto: Got it that i can, but gona grep for that object

Huerto: Going to grep*, sorry for the slangs

Panelli: Huerto: but I must admit that widgets are one of the more complicated things in WordPress … or at least ***bersome to set up.

Huerto: Panelli: i will do some copy paste of the original plugin which functionality needs to change

Panelli: This isn’t the nextgen support chat. you are asking pretty special questions here.