This is actually a Divi site.

Eroman: So it loads me empty data because it doesn’t exist.

Llewlyn: Not sure whether that isn’t the typical behavior of a white screen of death – to deliver empty data on an error

Ahn: How do I have a simple setting in the WordPress database?

Ahn: I’m making a plugin which uses Facebook oauth and I just want to store the token

Ahn: Feels so overwhelming

Ahn: I don’t want to make a form or anything

Llewlyn: Where else would you enter the setting then?

Walter: Hi, ando sorry about my English

Ahn: Llewlyn: Well, I click “login with Facebook” and from Facebook I get a token

Ahn: Var_dump$accessToken-getValue;

Ahn: I want to store this value

Llewlyn: Right, but you don’t want to hardcode this?

Enloe: In config bbpress ¿if i,m put “0” in seconds to edit ¿i,m dislow limit or dislow edit?

Startz: I,m need dislow limit to edit

Ahn: Llewlyn: I want to save it so i can access it later

Vogeler: Ahn just use the settings api cl***, if you dont want to go through all the form making, etc and just p*** an array which is just a text field to store it

Haward: Hi, i,m need hel to config bbpress

Amyot: I,m need dislow limit to edit

Ahn: Usually -1 is disable and 0 is zero

Llewlyn: Oh, dislow is disable?

Dueno: Sorry about my englis, disable

Schehl: I,m nneed not limit to edit in bbpress

Ahn: Fris: You think I could just use this?

Vogeler: Dont you want a settings panel for this? where are they clicking login to facebook on the site?

Vogeler: Ahn wordpress-settings-api-simple-visual-example/"> here is an example of just 1 text field

Ahn: I get the access token via a get-param

Vogeler: Ya but where are you doing this from?

Vogeler: Is this just for yourself, or other people going to use this?

Ahn: I have a link which is to facebook and when I click it I get the token back in the get-params

Vogeler: Then update_option would be fine

Castelluccio: Working on a site for a designer. She uses a theme with a smooth scrolling function on anchor links and “Visual Composer” which uses anchor links for “tabs” functionality. Is there a way to exclude the tabs from the theme’s smooth scrolling click event listener? I located the function in the theme and the element on page it’s targeting, but am not clear on how to remove that function from the element without removing the tab func

Jeng: Condolences for your having to work with Visual Compuser.

Vogeler: Jittler is it using jquery for the scrolling? you could add a :not conditional

Grandy: Well the function is tucked into the theme’s “custom.js” and I have a Child Theme but should I be copying the directory structure, copying custom.js over, and replacing the function with mine adding the :not ?

Leiferman: I know how to change the function, I’m just not sure what consequences I’m going to cause with updating the theme down the line doing it that way.

Friehe: If you go to the link here: you’ll see the tabs I’m looking to make work.

Vogeler: Jittler dequeue the custom.js from the parent, and enqueue your custom one

Vogeler: Jeng i pretty much got all the members stuff customized emails too, but one thing i noticed, if the purchase is pending, and not approved, it still gives access to the member package

Silas: That file is 35kb and holds a lot of the core functionality of the theme. Is there another way? I see bad things in the future when they update the theme. Here’s the function in question:

Vogeler: Almost as bad as an 8000 line file for customizer

Crary: This is actually a Divi site. :