There’s dozens of such.

Thagard: Drop me a link tomorrow

Aloia: Okay heres a question. i am checking out buddy press and it looks like i am stuck with groups being called groups

Cussen: That doesn’t work for me i need it to be called project

Giombetti: I was looking through the files to edit because in my googling i saw no setting and in my search the install i saw no setting to chagne it

Rayshell: Does a nyone know what file to check

Jeng: Https://

Lorentz: Thank you i kept googling something else

Holda: Ill read those before i came back

Brumley: I’m trying to host a WP site made by some designers. they have my boss convinced that WordPress magically resizes images to approximately the screen resolution when putting them on screen

Brumley: Specifically, they use “Easy FancyBox” a lot, which makes thumbnails clickable, so they bring up a FancyBox

Brumley: Many photos are very high res, and they are freaking out about the load times, and are convinced that the page will know what res the screen is and download a scaled verion

Nayar: Brumley: the theme is probably calling the FULL image which is whatever size the image was when they uploaded it

Jeng: Brumley: well, they’re wrong. not without a LOT of coding to change from a responsive design to an adaptive one.

Prieto: Brumley: you can alter your theme to call medium or large OR you can register your own image size and have your theme call that one

Charter: Brumley: basically when you upload a file WP creates multiple versions of that file. You can select which version size you want in your theme when you code it

Brumley: Ok, should I poke at their theme code?

Brumley: I’m considering poking at Easy FancyBox to add some PHP to detect available thumbs and current window size

Ciotta: Brumley: just look to see if they’re getting the FULL image size first

Brumley: I know their lying. the speed they saw on their test site was because it was local

Brumley: Scavotto: where should I look?

Lokan: Brumley: “By default, any images that are linked to directly not to a WordPress page from within your posts and pages, should now be opening in a FancyBox overlay :”

Lokan: Https://

Lokan: This means, if you are linking directly to the largest size/original images . they will be the ones loading.

Cotler: Brumley: thats impossible to say without looking at your setup

Lokan: You’re better off changing those things.

Brumley: Opsec: you mean the source images?

Lapar: Brumley: the target image links

Dayem: So when i use visual composer and woocommerce shortcodes to embed a product page into a visual composer row my page breaks and i get /section crap all over the place

Jeng: Because visual composer is a piece of brain-farting crap?

Lokan: Since you bought visual composer, you bought support for it

Jeng: Shortcodes inside shortcodes inside shortcodes

Lokan: It’s a poor shortcut to learning things properly

Lokan: But it’s what the “fast food society” demands, results without fundamental understanding.

Meland: And frankly i dont care

Stayner: Everything else works except this

Jeng: Hire a WP dev to do the website

Jeng: If that’s not your business, don’t waste your time on it.

Jeng: You make money doing other things.

Lokan: But, 99¢ cheeseburgers.

Andaya: Does anyone have a good strategy for cleaning up stale entries in the wp_options table?

Lokan: Who cares where it comes from ;

Fouse: Sarver: WP-Optimize –

Lokan: There’s dozens of such things but that does the job as well