Theme files should never.

Copeland: Ks! any tips is appreciated!

Penkins: There’s Kahahane cheaper?

Russon: Found this one so far

Filipovich: Abby_m: wouldn’t you do that on activation?

Crummey: Sterndara: the plugin is already activated for many users. I need to know when they go from version X to version Y of the plugin

Filipovich: Abby_m: you could check version against a saved wp_option on init

Crowner: If I’d had foresight to add a saved option already in previous versions

Mckinlay: I suppose I could check for null and ***ume that to be the first version

Filipovich: Insomnia88: another workaround for your bad design: create multiple menus ***igned to pseudo-locations you’d register. Users edit those menus and you drop them in to the real menu based on conditions.

Filipovich: Abby_m: yup. Also figure out what to do if db version your version i.e., user did a rollback of code

Poitevin: Filipovich but how do I drop them into the real menu?

Wikholm: With the wp_nav_item function?

Marzan: Filipovich aah yes, good gotcha. thanks. My migration is very simple so should be fine with rollbacks anyway. thanks for the ideas

Filipovich: Insomnia88: to get the items then to insert them into the “real” menu

Filipovich: Insomnia88: but this is an incredibly bad design!

Maggi: Hm maybe it’s better then to have seperated menues

Pachar: Even if it’s more manual work to do

Kuhta: Nvm, thanks for the infos

Eady: Anybody familiar with pixgridder?

Delfierro: I got a blank builder tab

Franzeo: Http://

Stiggers: There should be data and images there, it shows up on the website but not back here

Azzaro: I tried upgrading to 2.0.6 but no change occured in behavior of the pluggin

Lococo: Anybody familiar w/ pixgridder?

Preister: Anybody had the problem, that something adds functions to the child theme? child theme is being edited when refreshing an admin page, new function are added to the functions.php file -.-

Bahr: Your wrote it. so for you to be confused with your own words is kind of confusing 😛

Rogosky: Just like to say, I also don’t understand the question.

Easley: The child theme extends twentyfifteen, just a styles.css and a functions.php in it

Bahr: Ok and thsi child theme is active correct?

Loftman: I can activate it in the admin section

Dowen: Styles.css just contains the comment section where it is defined

Bahr: Ok so you have twentyfifteen activate and twentyfifteen-child just sittin there unactive?


Legath: Functions.php is empty, reloading e.g. the theme page adds methods to the functions.php, like _get_allwidgetcont or _verify_isactive_widget and so on

Bahr: Tweichart: which theme is actviated? twentyfifteen o the child?

Krieg: Yep, just twentifiteen is active

Welby: Never seen such a thing XD

Dagrella: So you’re saying code is added to the functions.php of the CHILD theme while being inactive, and just refreshing the themes page

Nighbert: Deactivated all plugins, reinstalled wp

Bahr: Tweichart: i’d have to see it to believe it 😛

Sanchirico: Deleted all but wp-content, there i just deleted the twenty* themes

Gaerlan: That’s not something I have bumped into yet.

Bahr: Tweichart: in your front end code, are paths going to /wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/ ?

Bahr: Theme files should never update simply by refreshing an admin page, unless you are resubmitting the editor forms somehow, but still.