The wordpress default.

Dunnaway: CMFDesign, pro-tip: import a handful at a time until you have the import process nailed :

Babick: I did an import recently and it went in well, not sure it had the levels of complexity, but it can be configured to do what you like as you can call remote php functions on import p***ing certain data

Nylund: Obviosuly would be great going forward.

Kamb: Eddq: yeah it looks fairly good this CSV import does, all products look to be going in great.

Babick: CMFDesign: dcr’s point about a sampel of the data is a really good shout. Get a good cross-section and tweak on that until the process is good

Jaros: Dcr: Yeah, I done that just to check it all looked good, its just the categories that are a bit off. Think thats more down to the CSV file though and how they’ve exported the information from old site as its creating the categories, just with bodge names. Wasn’t sure if there was a good fix to get the nav looking swish. To be honest, I am not even sure how to add the categories to the nav. Its my first wordpress build with an e-commer

Dunnaway: CMFDesign, I use CSV Import, its pretty cool. The “gotcha” is, if you change the layout of the CSV *must* re-upload it for the headers, and confirm the output

Resendiz: People nowadays, not sticking to the topic of the channel. :

Marrinan: Dcr: Yeah it looks good. I guess I could just change the category names one by one. That wouldn’t be SO bad. How do I get those categories into the nav menu?

Paulas: So if I wanted Bedroom as a parent, with Beds as a sub, then Kids Beds as another sub.if that makes sense.

Pila: Clausing: I politely asked if anyone objected 😛

Babick: He might have been talking about my reverse proxy talk :

Keetan: Eddq: Nah, defo aimed at me 😛 I commented to him in the woocommerce chat that I was getting help here ;

Denney: I can change the name of the categories just on the menu, right? But have them point to the correct category from woocommerce, right? So, if I added ‘Home Bedroom Kids Bed’ to the menu, but called it ‘Kids Beds’ that would work?

Babick: Yeah the name can be whatever you like

Babick: As long as the resource it is pointing to is correct it’ll be fine

Danson: How do I get my categories into the menu?

Papson: Sounds dumb when when I go to Appearance Menu I can’t see them lol

Babick: At the top there is Screen Options which will open up a new contextual menu

Babick: Should be in there plus a whole host of other goodies

Widick: However in products I can see the categories

Claes: Eddq: Got it, you’re a star :

Vanpatten: Hello, is this the chat area?

Bonaccorsi: Great! I have a wordpress issue I’m looking for help with. Never been in this chat before.

Babick: First time caller long time listener?

Babick: Anwyays just ask away

Mcclanahan: The problem is, I’ve been editing and customizing widgets on pages of my site, however am not able to “Save & Publish”. THe Save & Publish doesn’t do anything, and then my changes are lost

Santano: First time caller AND listener!

Babick: So when click save it doesn’t actually save the content? and then the refreshed page is missing the content?

Mcelwee: That’s correct. THe button is there and says “Save & Publish”, but clicking it doesn’t do anything. I can add/edit widgets on the homepage from the Widgets section of ‘Appearance’, however I’m trying to add/edit widgets to other pages through the live customize section

Babick: Is ths with a theme you’ve created or obtained?

Babick: I’m not so used to the Live Customizer thing. But i’d suggest, if you are able, switching to twentyfifteen and trying to use the customizer again

Belisle: What’s twentyfifteen?

Babick: If you can save and update then you know it is a theme issue rather than a you issue, and as it is purchased you have grounds for getting support

Babick: The wordpress default theme