The display depends on your.

Stothart: Aye, limiting them is a good idea :

Earp: It may be failing silently because you are OOM’ing, preventing it from ever triggering the error output altogether

Bedlion: Revisions are a safety measure for accidents, not meant to keep track of all revisions ever. that doesn’t help at all

Goedken: It’d be cool to power them under the hood with git

Be: Then you could have as many as you like

Hilo: Yeah. It’s nice to have several for some workflows, but 400 is overkill.

Bloschichak: Flether: I think someone made a plugin that does that, but I don’t think it’s ready for primetime.

Kapichok: Unfortunately, I don’t remember what it’s called.

Akhtar: Are you thinking of the one that Git’s your entire WordPress on every change? 😛

Duriga: The purpose of revisions is to protect you from yourself — not to archive.

Kelnhofer: If you want real archives, make and keep backups

Georgiou: Ollivierre: I think so. I know it’s more than just post revisions.

Cardoni: Yup. Just found it in the chat logs.

Goans: Oh, 5 ours till my wake-up-alarm is going off

Bedlion: That’s what hammers are for.

Clibon: Hey guys, I have a couple of questions regarding wordpress, in terms of its customisation

Volin: Im trying to build a directory based website, so Im looking at the theme Listify from themeforest

Pasek: But, the theme doesnt have a very pretty blog page, and I need something like Blog Main Page: OR

Eiselein: How would I go about customising the theme to show a blog main page like one of these?

Wigdor: Sterndata, what did the email say?

Dickstein: Dev__: your options for customising themes depends on a few things:

Dickstein: Dev__: for starters, the options provided by the theme itself.

Aase: Can’t get items_wrap to work on my theme :S

Dickstein: Dev__: beyond that, you could buy some kind of builder plugin.

Marsicek: Do you know of any plugin that can help me customise the blog to those kind of styles?

Dickstein: Dev__: beyond that, every theme is customisable to your taste if you either have php/html/css skills, or access to a developer

Wormley: I cant seem to find any plugin that customises the style of the blog, I found seo plugins, etc

Dickstein: Dev__: for starters, builder plugins all have limitations. A lot of people like visual composer.

Hippo: Yeah Ive worked with visual composer, im just not sure, if it will allow me to actually customise the style of the blog?

Dickstein: You can only discover this by experimenting

Dickstein: Dev__: dev__: however, developers tend not to like plugins like visual composer because all builder plugins generate crufty, excessive markup, and otherwise have negative impacts on site performance.

Dickstein: And if you are creating a business directory website, you probably want to get the best performance possible

Tressler: Would you have any recommendations on a directory theme besides listify?

Dickstein: Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a pre-built theme for directory listings. I don’t like specialised themes.

Dickstein: I’d suggest looking at gravity forms and gravity view

Dickstein: Dev__: yes. google them.

Killen: Not exactly sure how gravity forms are applicable but gravity view seems tacky

Mayon: As in the layout and design

Dickstein: Gravity forms can be used to accept the data for the listings

Dickstein: Dev__: gravity view is for displaying that data

Dickstein: And you can configur the layout and design any way you want to

Dickstein: The display depends on your theme