The custom taxonomy meta is.

Jeng: DLSteve: make it a religion, not a foundation. Fewer controls!

Jeng: SzateX: YOu’ve totally lost me.

Jeng: Except that part about “waiting for graphics”. :-

Crouch: Jeng: sorry for my bad English.

Jeng: SzateX: I’ve never done multi-language sites.

Petti: Jeng. I don’t need multi-language site there are plugins for it. I need 3 wordpresses in one šŸ˜€

Backfisch: Hello dudes, i have many categories and i need to bulk add a word/suffix in all of them like oldcategoryname to oldcategoryname+newword

Langwith: Do you want to manage 3 wordpress sites from one admin panel? SzateX?

Quamme: How can i do this easy/best way?

Urmston: SzateX are they on the same server? Do they all have unique URLs?

Beckstrand: Sterdata so i have 3 restaurants in one group. And i want to have on top my page bar or something like that where i can change restaurant. The problem is menage it

Daquip: Https://

Ginsberg: Why isn’t the_title appearing?

Ares: Momo_: now i have only one wordpress page. They will be on the same server

Jeng: Echo get_the_title, dopie

Jeng: Or just get_the_title

Jeng: The_title outputs it diirectly

Bajorek: Mi sapreste dire che proprietario impostare ai file e alle directory di wordpress per permettere di avere sempre i permessi giusti?

Jeng: SvTChild: english, please

Golbin: SzateX,

Bake: Option value”hey”?php echo get_the_title; ?/option

Kosik: Can you tel me whu proprietary set for files and folder in wordpress for not have permission problen after updates?

Tubaugh: Sorry for my bad english

Bookamer: SvTChild:

Jeng: Dopie: yup, should work

Panagakos: I see this page but not tolk abaut proprietary like ‘apache’ or root

Jeng: SvTChild: how are you hosting? Shared host or VPS?

Loehr: DLSteve: It’s ok, but i need reinstall wordpress

Kusch: SzateX, That would be the easiest way of doing it.

Voedisch: For some reason its not outputting

Jeng: Dopie: what is it you’re trying to do?

Calabro: So ok. i will try it. But first i backup my template

Jeng: Oh. the_title is used in the loop. you have a post object, so you want the title element of the post

Jeng: Https://***_Reference/WP_Post

Pontiff: Dopie: remember i said a new WP_Query gives you access to template tags but get_post doesnt?

Douthart: Scavotto, correct so it would be better to use WP_Query

Criscione: Oldcategoryname to oldcategoryname+newword any idea i do this from bulk edit?

Mezick: Dopie: not necessarily. like i said. it depends on what you need. You can get a post title either way

Jeng: Vibedigital:

Jeng: Export your categories, edit them in a spreadsheet, import them in update mode

Gutter: Jeng, sweet thank you : Scavotto thank you as well!

Okamoto: Ehh. i got an error :-/

Taj: I need to query a bunch of custom taxonomies by their custom meta but not really sure how to go about it.

Barbe: Looking at the docs is there a way to exclude categories from get_post?

Auzat: Iā€™m buiding a custom search filter where changing an option will repopulate a separate option

Jeng: Use negative numbers for the cat ids

Hillered: So, if option A, show all taxonomies whos custom meta is x.

Sannicolas: The custom taxonomy meta is managed by ACF but it appears it goes by the book when doing so