The compiled css files have.

Sewell: It works just as http://maltandb***

Stanly: Fairall: any idea why?

Fairall: CMFDesign: just a guess but an issue with your virtual hosts file?

Quiterio: Fairall: I thought this too but can’t see any issue

Fairall: CMFDesign: hmmm. did a google –***entroot

Tusler: Could someone point out why i cant var_dump my variable in my functions.php function? .

Tappeiner: I want to see the object of $item

Desantiago: And it’s not displaying to my screen, even though the function is being executed

Shoup: You’ve got a return just above your var_dump.

Flota: Cause the function ends once it returns

Grinnell: Could anyone propose to me how to add different wp_nav_menu sub-menu ID’s to the markup like asked in this question? wordpress-submenu">

Mcnamara: I’m requiring different id’s for each of my sub menus

Escher: Does anyone know if its possible to deploy wordpress databases using aws beanstalk tools?

Hapke: Hi how do I add a field to the shipping tab on the products edit page at the woocommerce plugin?

Paik: Can malicious plugins on be reported here?

Breister: Inserts SEO spam into footer, pulls from a server in vietnam

Mellow: Joecool: send an email to plugins at

Meline: I have this ?php do_action ‘woocommerce_after_cart_contents’ ; ? in my code I want to change the design of this

Tlucek: ArtisanIndia: Check what is hooked into that action

Boutiette: Control click takes me to the file where do_action is declared

Shives: Http://

Crisp: WPML Q: what is the bets way to return to the page in the current active language?

Crisp: I have that but it returns always back to the default. should I add the ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE or something else/?

Crisp: Because this works : ?php echo site_url.’/’.ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE; ? but im not shure that’s the right way.

Turbes: Could not create directory.on nginx debian 8 wordpress and permalinks do not function, on debian 7 it is ok, but not on debian 8

Gausman: Ircnidd, check your permissions/ownership

Trepagnier: I have mad 777 and www-data for all

Winslow: Try_files $uri $uri/ /ich3/index.php?q=$request_uri; or try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; ? on debian 7 the first is ok

Gausman: People who do that 777 should be banned from working on a webserver for life. Its almost never necessary

Gausman: And only causes problems

Krinke: It ist on my pc in vmware

Gausman: Yeah, everyone has an excuse

Gausman: Same as they have an excuse for dropping iptables, and disabling selinux

Geuder: Errorlog : /var/www/html/ich3/category/test/index.php” is not found 2: No such file or directory, client: 192.168.0.

Gausman: Its telling you whats wrong

Gausman: Ls -l /var/www/html/ich3/category/test/index.php

Magaw: Ls: cannot access /var/www/html/ich3/category/test/index.php: No such file or directory

Gausman: And therein lies your problem

Gausman: Well, the file doesn’t’re either pointing at the wrong directory, or haven’t unpacked wordpress properly. It should be fairly obvious given the erro

Tengwall: I’m doing some template developpement. and I want to get rid of css-compiled files?

Weflen: I cleared my base theme gantry cache.

Crosthwaite: I removed the compiled css file from my disk but they were created back.

Duplesis: The compiled css files have priority over modification I make for the same element elsewhere. So I need to remove them, or at least recompile them.