The color is still gray,.

Ocus: LindsayM_ now its white in all 3 browsers since I logged in as an admin

Lemay: Hi guys, my site just crashed with WSOD. Have ssh access to hosting. How can I manually flush the cache to start with?

Smitz: Depends which method of caching you are using

Hartle: WSOD is that like the BSOD of wordpress?

Savinon: DrDigital: i’m sorry. I can’t hold your hand through this.

Lemay: White Screen of Death yeah ;

Kirkham: If you get a white screen, turn on error reporting

Mader: Then you will see errors

Pfleuger: And no longer have a white screen

Kolnik: Thats why i turned on debug :

Pierrie: If you know the acronym WSOD then you should also know that it means you’re supressing errors

Lemay: LindsayM_: Can be done in .htaccess?

Myklebust: Lemay:

Kuch: Lemay: use your google skills bro.

Nordeen: LindsayM_: it’s “brah” hawaii 5-0 style.

Utecht: So one of my questions was, how do you upload a plugin via ftp. this file makes no since and it doesn’t have similar folder/file names

Smitz: Lemay, its in wp-content/cache iirc

Nordeen: DrDigital: find the path to /yourinstall/wp-content/plugins , unzip your local copy and upload the intact folder structure there.

Lemay: Lava: Thanks, had a quick look and seems like an excellent start to begin.

Artrip: Opsec bug the file thats missing is not in this zip?

Bortz: Lemay: Lava is a bot

Lemay: Dcr: Thanks, that helps too.

Martorelli: DrDigital: where does it say a file is missing?

Grimwood: DrDigital: in those errors all I saw was fatal call to method or something liek that. Not a missing file.

Poet: Opsec but the file thats missing is not in this zip?

Ulmer: You keep saying there’s a missing file but there’s no evidence of a missing file DrDigital

Nordeen: DrDigital: i don’t know anything about a missing file.

Lemay: LindsayM_: Sorry, new here and didn’t know. Thanks for the tip.

Briant: I looked at the path, its missing

Gains: DrDigital: then download the plugin and reupload it over the old one

Schnurr: I thought i downloaded it, but i see no php files at all in the download from woo themes

Coran: The hand holding required here is outrageous

Elsheimer: So quiet in here. so calm

Nordeen: LindsayM_: don’t jinx us.

Bonebright: I’m using .htaccess to pw protect a wordpress install on a subdomain. When I add the Authorization directives to .htaccess, the p***word prompt comes up and works, but the site 500s after all of this. What am I doing wrong?

Atcheson: You have some error in your .htaccess file, amortimer

Nordeen: Htaccess doesn’t p***word protect anything ;

Lemay: Hehe, pants me forgetting the site is backed up. Status resolved.

Lemay: Thanks all for the pointers, learned a lot of great stuff from it.

Lundy: Hi everyone. Looking for help. I have a theme I love called X from and although I know I can maintain a site in this theme I need a designer to help me pretty fast.

Farias: I’ve looked around for someone that knows this theme and I’m getting no where. Does anyone have any suggestions other than the typical 99designs, etc. as I would prefer not to give the bulk of the money to the site rather than to the designer.

Primeau: Opsec – Thanks – didn’t know about that.

Berton: Opsec – Thanks again.

Hanlon: Jphase, although I fill in the Yoast SEO links programmatically but still I don’t see SEO quality color beside the post list

Mekee: The color is still gray, representing that the SEO field has not been submitted yet. But it actually is