Thats not at all what it.

Folker: I’ve added var_dump$variable in functions.php;

Miscovich: Emporio: if you put that instead of just var_dump you can see if your code is even getting touched

Valesquez: Emporio: that means Halcom to me

Lokan: Heh, you can’t just paste code “any ol’ where”

Railsback: Ok so is this the way to do it?

Addy: Wp_dievar_dump$yourvar;

Krainbucher: Lol seriously hilarious

Mitzner: Emporio: yes you literally just copied and pasted my code back to me ?

Traverso: Emporio: what is the value of that?

Wilham: Ah functions, you chose the one place you probably dont wanna var_dump

Divan: And where should I be seeing the dump ?

Ancrum: ScoDal: you can var_dump in functions. if its in the right place

Denn: Emporio: HOLY HELL DUDE

Hannafin: Emporio: how many times does one have to tell you. it prints on the screen

Fernandes: You’re rage inducing. emporio

Kailey: Well it hasn’t for the past hour

Trees: Emporio: its impossible not to when you’re being so dense

Wilgus: I’m going to try again and send screenshots

Gamela: Emporio: and I explained WHYT that may be but you refuse to answer any questions

Melendes: Emporio: no one needs a screen shot

Ruffolo: Emporio: just do what is being told and answer questions being asked

Consolini: I suppose so Scavotto, just seems like a challenging starting point

Luhnow: Scavotto: stop talking from your emotions

Skog: At least until you master the var_dump lol

Baudry: Learn to talk from your rational thought

Kaid: You’re attitude affects otehrs here

Boord: Emporio: my rational thought tells me you’re an ideeeot

Pearyer: Shush, I’m going to try again

Keyt: Emporio: good luck. i’m done with you

Nehls: Think of var_dump like a php echo, it’s going to print what it finds in the exact spot it gets p****d in your code

Artley: And can someone ban this Bullin ?

Ramin: Emporio: lol good luck with trying to get my banned haha

Hollinshed: Lol Bullin is driving me nuts right now

Swigert: Scavotto: not you, you are a saint

Rackers: Oh well there was an example of exactly what i wanted all the time in the docu -.-

Mizzelle: It stopped running the code

Imboden: Lol srsly wtf up with Bullin?

Hartstein: He is absolutely from disruptive academy

Dumesnil: Pls ban him someone, it’s driving Lindsay nuts

Sitz: Hi anyone having experience with drupal also?

Uriostejue: May be they are sleeping still

Banko: Thanks emporio may i take you on PM?

Lokan: Lok: do you have a wordpress question?

Grassman: Thanks opsec i am present there also

Kapsos: I dont know what wordpress is

Mcgrade: So many questions about wp also

Fventes: Well this has gone down hill.

Choquette: Lol what how did you find drupal without stumbling on some info about wordpress?

Mullineaux: I visited one site thru google named

Cachero: I was actually looking to open a web store

Brancazio: Ah gotcha, well wordpress is a machine that presses letters into words. It’s used to print large signs for buildings

Andaverde: Found commerce kickstart

Carten: Thanks ScoDal i was not aware about that faact

Lokan: Lok: do you have a wordpress question?

Mulrain: Thats not at all what it is