That will render a.

Bolante: Afmza: the shortcode docs Sachez posted is fine

Stepanek: Shortcode is REALLY easy if you already have the code thatbuilds the output of your “widget”

Sachez: Widgets are hard; shortcodes are easy

Tavarez: Okay this looks a lot easier

Tavarez: I did things backwards

Tavarez: I went widget from the start

Sachez: Afmza: at least you caught it and backed up. Many people just keep going forward, no matter how wrong the path. :-

Curington: Afmza: SOOOO many people fight us when we tell them the way they chose is wrong and go ahead with the wrong way anyways

Dronko: Afmza: so thank you. for accepting a new approach and running with it.

Radisovich: And for those wondering. ahem jarlopez . THIS is the reason why ask why / what is the use case / what is your actual data /etc

Tavarez: Thanks for your help Guimares :

Tavarez: Im here for help, not to argue and do my own thing anyway 😛

Cartner: Afmza: appreciated. So many are here to just be patted on the back and told they’re doing fine

Tavarez: Im from a C# and php background

Tavarez: So while i dont have a firm grasp on the wordpress framework, i should get used to it quite quickly.

Ballan: Afmza: well, you’re pretty much there. WP is just php. its pretty easy programming, its just understand the data types// models

Quinalty: Afmza: you’ll move along quickly if you learn this way asking and being open

Tavarez: And if i have good advice, from people like you

Tavarez: Ive got some really sarcastic answers in my time.

Puller: Afmza: I can be sarcastic if the question is idiotic enough

Tavarez: Its kinda difficult to google search wordpress development questions, the pages are full of end user questions.

Tavarez: Im probably searching the wrong things.

Ochsner: Afmza: you should def. include “WordPress developer” in your search terms

Ngo: Afmza: or search the codex

Tavarez: Im wondering if there is a way to get the html output from my widget, so that i can p*** that to the shorcode function, instead of copy and apste.

Titterness: Afmza: if the widget works just place the widget in the sidebar and grab the source from the front end?

Tavarez: I have the source, what mean to say. is im wondering if i can create an instance of the widget programmatically, and send the output text of that widget to a string variable, instead of displaying it on the page.

Tschoepe: If i understand you correctly i think you can only store in the database or in a file

Tavarez: I want to programmatically instantiate the widget

Tavarez: Im thinking C# now, so may not apply here.

Richarson: Afmza, you could kind of.

Richarson: Afmza, you’d create the widget to call upon whatever you want to pull it from, ***uming it can be pulled— prob JSON data or something

Richarson: So maybe a “Grab My C# output Widget”

Sachez: You want a widget to do what?

Richarson: You can customize the crap out of it

Richarson: From what i’m gathering, he’s attempting to use C# to do something to put inside of a widget. maybe i’m wrong. i just read the last 10 lines :

Sachez: Afmza: is this the output from the shortcode?

Brackelsberg: I dont know why but my brain is NOT processing ajax very well right now

Tavarez: Sachez, that what i would like to get, yeah. there is no C# here i was just thinking OO

Sachez: Then just put your shortcode into a text widget with a suitable filter so it renders shortcodes or use this widget:

Berg: Sachez: File Away –

Sachez: This:

Sachez: That will render a shortcode w/o tweaking.