That way admin can create.

Kayastha: That could definitely work

Stormont: I like finite number systems 😮

Bedlion: Numerically 9 is like the serpent eating it’s own tail. as it represents both 0 and 9 depending on the situation ;

Koretsky: Good way to look at it I suppose

Bedlion: Our current base 10 arabic numeral system cannot have been devised by any human or culture we know of under close examination

Bedlion: It’s like claiming we can “invent” completely new plant species out of Elenbaas. only nature can do that

Wigdor: Sterndata, you had a mainwp issue

Wigdor: Mainwp user created? lol

Bedlion: All we can do is map and describe it as accurately as we’re able or willing

Fickas: What? Just dropped in the channel

Wigdor: 30 min ago 17 of my mainwp sites had a new user created

Bedlion: Sterndata: here’s what’s going on back home in chiraq – http://heyjack***.com/category/2015-chicago-crime-murder-stats/

Divens: Uh oh. There was a security update a day or so ago

Wigdor: Mainwp-child-id-XXXX XXXX diff for each

Bedlion: Ftr, never been compromised using iwp ;

Siburt: Http:// — my neighborhood

Wigdor: I went i there already and deleted them all

Bedlion: Sterndata: nice! you got a mickey d’s

Sewyerd: Wigdor: where they regular users or admin users?

Wigdor: I did restores on all 17 sites anyway for good measure, while i upgraded the other 200+ lol

Heern: Don’t see any users with privs that I don’t recognize

Wigdor: I get notification on new user for sites that shouldn’t be having new users added

Wigdor: Had backups for all less than an hour prior so it was no biggie this time. no defacing or anything i saw, but still not comforting ;D

Varanda: Checking all users with email now

Gainey: One client has a membership site… most gmail address look fake, but they’re subscriber-level accounts

Kemnitz: Isn’t there any type of ‘board’ for wordpress that isn’t for some ****ty social media site?

Quincel: Blahkat: Please help us keep Mintz a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Miquelon: Something that I can allow people to post images and such to

Szmidt: I found this thing, but it doesn’t even work! —

Conner: And I cannot find anything else like it

Wigdor: What’s the best way to add meta key’s to the admin search on a custom post type?

Wigdor: So it searches the custom fields i should say

Mikler: Wigdor: The pre_get_posts filter

Kaduk: Wigdor: looks clean, too. But thanks for the heads up.

Wigdor: Ollivierre, that’s what i figured. hadn’t done a lot of admin search in a while to know if hooking in was diff :

Geil: Anyone ever try vanilla forum

Macks: Khu: i think that’s the hosted solution, there is an OSS one

Macks: One thing i am seeing a lot though is this whole ‘x number of views’ in a package.

Cobey: Macks, yeah I see that. Still $199 a month is kind of absurd for 250K views if you have the right forum.

Schnepel: I might have to give Vanilla a try.

Macks: My little support forum is at about half that i guess

Stratter: Seems like the API is lacking for the open source version by looking at their page – too early to tell though.

Macks: Weak, the only bit id have to move me over heh

Macks: Eh, bbpress does the job for us atm

Raw: Guys i am looking for a simple plugin that would allow me to track gift certificate.

Rebolledo: Or a custom list plugin i can create my own rows

Betances: That way admin can create an item and put in custom details like amount, date, who issued to and then a final row to say if redeamed.