That one uses the global.

Curll: I checked mod-rewrite

Goldyn: Check if your webserver has mod-rewrite or its’ equivalent

Tada: I went into httpd.conf and verified it was uncommented

Beightol: And copy and pasted .htaccess into the wordpress dir given by the permalink settings page

Lartey: Did you restart apache?

Mazzarella: Disabled all plugins too

Servedio: Did you do a2enmod rewrite ?

Arrollo: Does htacess have Rewrite Engine on?

Greife: To the first question

Gallen: A2enmod command not found

Delvalle: What variant of linux.

Hiley: See if wordpress-ec2"> helps

Venne: I had to replace server ec2 battery

Hauptman: Brandis: Google result for Amazon ec2 battery – t

Sonntag: You must change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All in httpd.conf

Bedlion: Bad advice if you are already able to edit httpd.conf

Jax: Specifically for the dir /path/to/your/public/html section

Bedlion: Doesn’t make any sense.

Bedlion: Anyway, #httpd for httpd experts, there’s almost none here.

Bedlion: They have a few good songs, don’t like them much though.

Hassinger: Is there any wordpress plugin

Sottile: That logs and visualizes the ip’s and their geolocations

Bedlion: There’s 1000’s of wordpress plugins

Bedlion: Do you have a problem with your enter key?

Matulewicz: Opsec: WP Slimstat –

Bedlion: You seem to be purposely being annoying.

Kufeldt: It looks like they’re gonna ask me for money to use “premium” features once I download it

Redlin: Everything on is free, some plugins have a ‘super’ version. But options that are listed in the descriptions are free and will remain free as long as the plugin remains on

Halgrimson: Hello everyone. I’m using the ecommerce plugin called WooCommerce, is there anyway to enable the dropdown rating instead of the star-rating?

Debois: That sounds like a step back in user experience

Koenigstein: Brandis: Why I want dropdown rating instead of star-rating?

Dickstein: Is there a definitive source of information on how to get pagination working with wp_query?

Dickstein: Hey Pazician. Yeah, I’ve got it open now. Reading it.

Dickstein: Pazician: yeah, I like that plugin. But when I try to paginate while using custom queries, that plugin solves no problems.

Dickstein: I don’ t have any specific questions right now. but I’m about to try and get pagination working with a custom queriy.

Dickstein: I currently expect pagination not to work. When that happens I’ll do some troubleshooting. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll ask a more specific question here.

Spruel: What’s with you and pagination

Dickstein: I just haven’t figured out how to get it working with custom queries. that’s all.

Dickstein: Ok. I’ve tried the functions to get the next and previous posts. I’ve tried echoing “get_the_posts_pagination”. but they aren’t outputting anything. I’m guessing they are supposed to work on the current page main loop, while I’m trying to get pagination for a custom query?

Dickstein: Is there a function that does something like, takes the name of the query that I want to paginate?

Dickstein: Https://

Murphrey: The_posts_pagination is for the main loop isn’t it, don’t you need to be using paginate_links for the custom stuff ?

Dickstein: I honestly don’t have a clue. But I’ll pull up the codex page for paginate_links

Dickstein: Ollivierre: how does the_posts_pagination know which query to paginate for?

Boeckmann: That one uses the global $post object I bleieve