That can be a very bad idea.

Mccanna: However I was forced to make my site mobile with mobilegadden and profits dropped so much from ads.

Curley: Yeah I know, google pagespeed is giving me like a 60 score right now. Not sure what we have to do to speed up our server.

Loxley: POLL: JavaScript in the head for at the bottom right before /body?

Lafond: WPDoll: You know nobody can resist questions like that.

Dekine: CODPlayerCards: One of the news pages is loading 52 stylesheets, 100 javascripts and 77 images.

Kellner: You need better code before you get a better server. :

Trevis: Is that because of the amount of plugins I have on my wordpress install?

Roskam: If you have a ton that are active it is very likely. They love ramming their CSS and JS in your source code.

Mellema: I’m having trouble connecting the google maps to word press. it says https in the text in word press but http when I inspect the element on the page. I’m relatively new to all this. any help?

Schliep: True, I’ll def have to look into all of that eventually before this new game is released. Right now I’m just trying to build a decent back end so that users can upload their own tutorials. Which is taking long because I don’t know how to code. FAIL lol

Abundis: WPDoll: Before the /body for as long as possible. Once something needs to load earlier I cant think of an example right now it has go in the head unfortunately. Altho, I did hear on a podcast you can add “async”-something to the code and even tho it is still in the head it will load just as ‘proper’ as if it were before the /body. I haven’t tested this yet.

Hugueley: Vendig, what would you do in this situation. I have a custom post type named tutorial which is basically what every piece of content on the site uses which is a “Emblem Tutorial” but with the new game coming out theres “Emblem Tutorials” and now “Camo Tutorials” would you make a new post type for Camo’s or just add a custom field to my already created tutorial field. I’m going to have to eventually add filters to the site

Katzen: Browse and everything.

Poska: I’m having trouble connecting the google maps to word press. it says https in the text in word press but http when I inspect the element on the page. I’m relatively new to all this. any help?

Alerte: How do you typically set up wordpress for local development?

Milledge: CODPlayerCards: Setting it up is easy both ways, with a custom fields to seperate them or with a new cpt. Look at the differences. Are you going to treat them the same? Will they have the same custom fields? The same page to display them on? It’s probably better to give them a new cpt.

Manvelyan: Cait_: I just copy and paste the embed code from Google w/o problem. How are you connecting the maps?

Manvelyan: What do you have to teach us today, lenswipee ?

Asenjo: CODPlayerCards: Different CPTs = easy seperation in code, search, management, but harder if you want to pile both CPTs together for something. Seperation by custom field is the exact opposite.

Wetherald: Yeah that makes sense.

Minchella: Manvelyan: you’re the better teacher I think :-

Manno: CODPlayerCards: Seperating by taxonomy is somewhere in the middle. But taxonomies arent posts so they have limits. Like a tiny UI with no thumnail and no post status.

Holohan: I’m also going to be adding User Subbmited Emblems / Camos which aren’t tutorials jsut images so I’m def doing a new post type for that. I gotta figure out how to organize all this so that it works together and doesn’t make the user experience bad.

Brazier: I wish we could configure a taxonomy so it would be managable like a full blown post type.

Rager: Taxonomy good idea. I do that with “Game” for Black Ops 3, Black Ops 2, Advanced Warfare. I guess I can do Type taxonomy for Emblem, Camo

Gdovin: Yeah that sounds like a nice fit.

Onstead: You can ***ign images to a taxonomy as well

Tredinnick: Anyone have a working wordpress ***rant box?

Manvelyan: Vendig: you can add fields to a taxonomy to make it very post like

Heugel: That can be a very bad idea and slippery slope &