Thank you for all your help.

Grabauskas: Latest wordpress, php 5.6

Lokan: It’s a plugin or theme that’s old

Lokan: Not wordpress or php.

Alward: Jeng: I installed slimstat, it worked without breaking things, I changed some slimstat settings to store more archives of visitor logs, the site began to slow on each visit, I started getting “cannot establish database connection” when trying to visit the site, ssh stopped working, I restarted my server and it got a new IP, I was able to ssh into my new IP, started apache / mysql, getting blank loading when trying to access my wor

Jeng: You might check the tuning of your MySQL if things slow down as you collect more data.

Sheckler: Concluded the reason for my server breaking down previously was slimstat filling up all the storage with error dumps

Jeng: Https://

Snide: The site is just not loading

Tyon: WordPress is not loading

Jeng: Ok, I thought you said it’s working now

Shick: No, I can ssh, run php scripts, view site in browser, etc

Jeng: Do you access the site via IP or domain name?

Zilk: Or to make sure it’s the right IP

Mapstone: Http://

Gruntz: Use the second one I don’t know if my domain updated

Jeng: When I try just the IP, it gets stuck at “connecting”

Jeng: Please pastebin your .htaccess file

Gurganus: Since to collapse due to slimstat

Crissler: Http://

Jeng: Page sort of loaded for me. All the CSS files timed out

Pariente: But all the html in the source

Jeng: Open a new, blank tab.

Jeng: Right click and select “Inspect element” then click “network”

Jeng: The enter your IP in the address bar

Jeng: Slimstat seems to be enabled

Swofford: Didn’t you tell me to enable it

Jeng: Check your server’s error logs to see why things like the GET on style.css fails.

Jeng: That’s the problem. geez, should have seen that!

Armijo: But is directed to the IP address that was before the server shut down

Jeng: Time to update the DNS!

Jeng: Where are you hosting that you don’t have a fixed IP?

Jeng: They can’t give you a fixed IP?

Dulude: There’s an elastic IP

Boeger: That follows changes in the instances

Castellari: But I think it costs extra

Jeng: I used AMazon a while ago but switched to Linode, then Digital Ocean

Toren: Why’d you switch to DO?

Jeng: At the time, Linode used hard drives and DO was SSD

Olmstead: I met a DO sysadmin in #math I think

Jeng: After I switched, Lindoe went to SSDs and KVM, too.

Seyfarth: Ok a fresh WP install looks OK

Rebman: So it’s not a server config

Gonyer: The server is totally fine

Jeng: After you’ve been running the site for a couple of days, run that MySQL tuning script

Meador: Why the inclination to SSD’s?

Haston: Any reason to be inclined to hard drives?

Lifland: Reliability, cost, vast amounts of disk space

Murdock: Ssd in some cases is still considered not as reliable as magnetic

Jeng: I’m running hard drives at home.

Seney: Especially with earlier linux kernel versions, but this has been fixed TRIM support

Jeng: Right. I was worried about TRIM support on my home machines.

Jeng: But mainly, I got a 2TB drive that’s less that 30% full. It’s hard to justify going out and buying a TB or so of SSD.

Ming: Thank you for all your help! :