Techshop: Looks like that.

Fierros: Sachez: something is either wrong with my browser or firebug is out of date

Sachez: Use the inspector to figure out what element to change the background on.

Hunsberger: Sachez:

Sachez: This is a CSS and PEBKAC probelm, not a WordPress issue. :-

Wickizer: Hello. I’m translating my subtheme original is spacious. The original sources translated via __; have “spacious” in them

Weyker: Do I need to copy everything and use my_child_theme as a parameter to __; ? thx

Stehney: Or rather, use my_child_theme where yo uare replacing things

Aujla: Sachez: If the plugin is using hex as background colour as Ive changed it to black know, is there a code for transparency or do i have to use css?

Horseman: You obviously won’t be copying the full theme, just the bits you use

Clampett: Canestraro, that’s true, but some maniac translated the whole theme via Google translate or something

Sachez: Rgba works best to set transparency, y2j. “background: transparent” has compatability issues, as does “opacity”.

Howitt: Sachez: #000 is the transparent what about in hex

Sholar: Y2j:

Linebrink: Opsec: nice… but it doesn’t have options to pre-select right answer on multiple choice, and stuff like that right

Gilfillan: Luist: define “pre-select” . because yes, you can set the default choice, or no choice. . ladies choice.

Sachez: Y2j: you can’t do transparency in hex, use RGBA

Sachez: Please visit #CSS for help with CSS

Forget: Y2j: you can set the whole container as transparent

Camero: Sachez: background-color: rgba#000!important;

Strombeck: Y2j:

Lacava: Y2j: no. #000 is not RGBA!

Essepian: Guimares:

Presnar: Guimares: There is an icon

Dasch: Arg. Stillwagon has to stop referencing tickets with a pound sign

Wandel: Guimares: Aye, I just didn’t want it to hit up Trac every time #{digits} was used

Ruston: Guimares: never mind :

Lagergren: Has anyone ever thought to store archive templates for custom taxonomies in the plugin

Parisien: Instead of in the theme?

Ersery: Sportman: messaged you a link

Janofsky: Btw, when I mentioned child theme – where should I look for the display type, if I want to add my own? I would like to see the “title image” and the entire post. ty :

Tschoepe: Y2j im curious whats the layering youre looking for? when i put background-color black !important i see it

Tschoepe: Y2j the image is essentially white so it seems like you need a solid color behind there

Tschoepe: It is however overwritten by some other style so you need !important

Rumbach: Can anyone enlighten me where the “var=x.y.z” query string after a child theme’s style.css URL get appended?

Xayavong: Could someone please help me get a mobile image to show on a mobile divi theme? the image shows on the main site but not on the mobile

Quinzi: I thought this would be a trivial thing to do, however, I have been googling around and did not find anyone who do this.

Quinzi: In WP, how do I insert a PHP variable on a page? I want to shoe the user ID of the user currently logged in.

Hemley: Techshop: Did you enable it for mobile in the Divi Image widget?

Trumbauer: Ok I think I have registered jquery as well, here is the new updated functions.php, but still, no joy, I can’t load jquery first

Seba: Nootrope_, where is that?

Berkbigler: Techshop: checking. standby

Connelley: Techshop: Looks like that option is one for the Slider Modules. You dealing with an Image Module?