Systemd adoption is like.

Tronstad: Some plugins:

Chaddick: Ooooh -builtin- caching

Bumm: Fris: do you deal with CentOS at all?

Stalter: Oh wow, I think this is perfect. Thank you very much stern

Delonge: It does exactly what I wanted, and even more.

Rothacher: Oh shoot, “data will only be checked when you buidl the post”

Debona: Sartan: you can always fork it and do some caching, etc.

Bushrod: Sartan: from the FAQ link on the plugin: “How can I control how frequently my data is refreshed?

Connley: Use the lifetime parameter! This parameter is in seconds, is per source, and should be set the same for all references to that source on a post / page for best results”

Adamsky: You just have to be concerned with how any caching plugins might cache the page — that’s a separate issue that would happen with any dynamic content.

Borey: Ah i didn’t look at the faq just the support forum stuff. Thanks again stern

Zagami: Is anyone here using wordpress with nginx? I’m having some issues with search on page2+ page 1 works, but page 2 redirects somewhere else

Geil: Palmer no, just ubuntu, freebsd and solaris

Rhinerson: Firewalld being a. not so nice service

Geil: Think sterndata uses centos, and opsec

Skipworth: I miss solaris and sun servers :

Geil: What centos are you on 6 or 7

Geil: Https://

Wandell: Yeah that is what i followed

Girsh: If I run the command without –permanent it add’s it but its only until the server restarts

Neyer: If I add –permanent it says success and does Elenbaas.

Gulsvig: My server is a lying bastard.

Nickerson: I just found the zones xml files, just going to make my own zones.

Geil: How are you testing the firewall? pinging or telneting from an extenal source?

Perisho: Firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –list-services

Demauri: Only lists the zone’s defaults.

Citrone: Testing by visiting the website. Tried to add HTTP to the public zone.

Geil: Did you do systemctl enable firewalld so it loads on boot?

Hennesy: It’s not adding them with the –permanent flag.

Grivna: Firewalld is, IMHO, aimed at laptops and mobile devices. If one is on a fixed network then uninstall it and use iptables instead.

Jacobus: Did with sudo, and even root

Danh: I’m using just iptables on my CentOS 7 server

Wilkening: Yeah it seems iptables had more options for helping with filtering

Tempelton: I was just afraid iptables would be dated and no longer supported which is why I was trying to use firewalld

Kreider: I think iptables will be around for a long time

Jacquet: And this is where systemd rants get started. :-

Geil: Palmer if you add permamenet yo ucan do systemctl restart

Kaua: This really should be taking place in #centos

Geil: Palmer firewall-cmd –reload also

Geil: But ya disable firewalld and yum install iptables-services what sterndata said

Oboyle: No one answers in those channels

Blankship: Which is why I asked here as well

Geil: Centos and ubuntu are one of the most traffic channels on freenode

Benadom: Centos, DigitalOcean, Firewalld

Domin: People join and leave, no replies

Szweda: Let’s get into yum vs. dnf :-

Bedlion: Palmer: it’s because systemd is a piece of f’ing crap.

Laurino: Opsec: so I ***ume you are for iptables

Bedlion: Systemd adoption is like this. “a lot of people say our highways are inefficient, let’s replace them over night, with no testing and no vote, but we’ll replace them with walking paths!”