Sterndata should I set.

Hanhan: Ok, over my pay grade

Arcila: Do i need to restart mysql after making grant changes

Wittlinger: You could do a “flush privileges” if you like. That forces it to reload the privs

Naumes: Ok. still not working. _

Januszewski: Mordacai: is beppy a user on the other wp database, too?

Wildes: But when I reload the page — haven’t updates the htaccess setting yet — it still refuses a database connection

Brau: No, the user only has privs on beppywp

Ciccone: Good. databases should be secured separately.

Ohare: How did you set this up? what’s the URL for your other WP site?

Mair: It does have ‘usage’ privs on *.* though

Cassello: and are both on the same server

Kartman: is my initial wordpress blog

Ulland: OK, just wanted to make sure they were separate and one is not in a subdir of the other.

Victorin: And I’m trying to setup for my wife

Washington: Yep, they’re in the folder directory: /var/www/html/ and /var/www/html/

Aldape: Since this is a new thing, let’s start clean, Mordacai

Peckler: Ok, i’ll delete everything and if you want you can walk me through what to do, if that’s ok?

Schoenfelder: Then in wp-config.php, database = “beppywp”, user = “beppy’, p***word = ‘beppy123456′, and host=’localhost’

Bettes: With Settings API sanitize callback, when input contains invalid values, how to prevent saving at all?

Cedano: Most tutorials/examples just save a blank value,

Sessum: Ok one second. I removed and reset the directory entirely, fresh clean install. it’s downloading wordpress again and then I’ll untar it and then drop the dabase and delete the user

Pezzuti: And then I used contact form and it fails all the time -_-‘

Pezzuti: Yeah I have no php_error logs or apache_error logs I only see

Pezzuti: Can using SMTP prevent thi issue

Paulino: Pezzuti: back up. I see Edwin prior to “and then I used contact form and it fails all the time -_-‘”

Pezzuti: Oh I am using contact form 7 plugin,

Pezzuti: I try to send a message.

Pezzuti: But the message could not be send. But I can’t see any php errors.

Richmeier: My files went in the wrong location though, they went under a folder /wordpress/ instead of just the root, let me fix that and then I’ll finish the install

Verkler: Pezzuti: try sending to another address.

Pezzuti: I tried that . : sterndata :

Pezzuti: I have set a gmail address for testing as ‘to ‘ address.

Randle: Pezzuti: VPS or shared host?

Pezzuti: That’s it.localhost und shared

Pezzuti: Both versions have the same issue.

Ladson: Pezzuti: is your mail server running?

Pezzuti: Mail server is running.

Boneta: It’s likely you’re not running an MTA on localhost

Rohlf: Pezzuti: what do the mail logs indicate on that attempt?

Ostrye: Pezzuti: is localhost a linux machine?

Pezzuti: Localhost is a linux machine.

Pezzuti: Ok, lets focus on the online version :

Feldhake: Pezzuti: are you having the same problem on the ‘online’ version?

Heiro: Regardless, mail log is the next step

Tristan: Do you get any email from the site i.e., if you add a new user, do you get a notice?

Degeston: Jphase: shared hosting is not going to let you view maillog

Checkett: Ok, sterndata, that worked great. I just need to give access permissios to folders like wp-data and uploads and whatnot so the site functions right

Pezzuti: Sterndata should I set something as from?